6 days post ablation

Well, am I the unlucky one? I seem to have had every side effect going! Now day 6 really bad episode of a fib last night 150 beats a minute most of the night. Went to bed and now seems settled. Now indigestion! Burping for England, never had migraines or burping before and now have both plus afib again. Read the symptoms on line and yes seems both happen to many people. Fingers crossed. Still trying to believe this was a good idea!

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  • Hope you feel better soon.

  • It will pass and you will feel much better but patience is required.

  • I agree it's only day 6. X

  • Hope it improves soon, try sipping hot water for the indigestion - that is often caused by the TOE. Hot water can help. Avoid taking any-acids, they can make it worse in the long run and you will find that eating carbohydrates will make it a lot worse, especially bread so avoid.

  • Had a lot of indigestion after my ablation and found lemon and ginger tea helped. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Great idea! Thankyou.

  • You poor thing, 150bpm makes me feel really ill so I guess it did you? I had that the day after my ablation and was put back on to Flecainide and kept in hospital until the next day when everything returned to normal. Don't worry about the migraines as they will soon go, have never had the burping so can't comment on that. Please let us know how you get on.


  • Thanks jean how kind everyone is. Yes feeling under the weather but onwards! My heart is quiet this morning so staying positive xx

  • Very early days. Lots of odd things happen in the first few weeks.

    I am now 8 weeks on today from my last ablation and "touch wood" all is quiet in the heart department apart from a few ectopics.


  • Good news! Fingers crossed it works for me too. Nice to hear it does work.

  • Will someone explain "ectopics" to me? I have seen it a few times but I dont know what it means.

  • Ectopics are missed beats and extra beats they often make you feel nauseous which is why we don't like them very much but some say it's a good sign that the heart has tried to go in to AF but didn't manage it.


  • Extra heart beats usually harmless

  • Give it time. Some have it worse and some have it better. "Adapt, Improvise and Overcome". It's a waiting game I found out. 5 months post Ablation myself. I nearly died from a PE caused from the procedure. Now totally off all meds and improving slowly. The further I get along the more confident I am.

  • Wow! It's true there is nothing I can do now but get on with it. Glad I phoned the hospital and I am sure the antacids will prevent any potential damage. Gosh some of us have a tough time!

  • That's what I did when I was spiraling down the drain and had to get to ER immediately! Living alone has made it much harder to do anything.

    Good luck and stay positive.

  • What is a PE?

  • A pulmonary embolus?

  • I have had the burping since my ablation, but no heart burn. And I had lots of heart burn before ablation. I don't understand why. But burping seemed to help my heart burn. So you are not alone with this burping, and hope your heart burn soon abates

  • I had a bad episodes on day seven. It's day seventeen now and things aren't perfect but are more settled

  • How interesting that we all have had such different experiences. I rang the hospital yesterday and was sent off to see my GP and put on high dose antacids?? I am going to ring up today and question why? I didn't get a chance yesterday to question it. I feel a lot better today less burping and the pain on swallowing has gone. It seems like a lot of people have questions and experiences that worry them post procedure. I honestly hope all goes well foe everyone on this forum everyone has been so kind x

  • I'm now 12 days post ablation and during the first seven to ten days I had terrible burps and some heart burn and I take PPI's for acid reflux! so I can't imagine how painful it would have been without.

  • I had a lot of heartburn and bloating post ablation. I stopped eating bread in the morning and instead have fruit and yogurt for breakfast. Its now 3.5 years later and i still need to watch bread intake but NO AF, YIPEE!!

    good luck🍀

  • Congrats! I look forward to saying that.

  • I am on 2 months now, but that sounds like my first six days as well. Hang in there!

  • Yes just spoken to consultant and the antacids are a precaution. Drinking honey and lemon and being restful. X

  • I am also 6 days post ablation and have been in AF for the last 26 hours ranging from 135 to 95. Also been having headaches which is unusual for me. Very frustrating as I felt so well up to day 5. Re the heart burn I was given a course if omeprazole by the hospital which I'm to take for 28 days. Standard post ablation procedure at St George's.

    Hope you feel well soon.

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