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10 days Post Ablation

Hi guys it has been 10 days since my ablation at Leicester and wanted to provide an update

First things first the team at Leicester led by Dr Stafford were brilliant. My only criticisms were that I was gowned up and on my bed at 7.15 and advised I was first on the list At 10.15?when they hadn't come for me I was advised that the list had changed. Didn't have a problem going second because priorities change.

Anyway I had four vein points frozen and another area burnt

No AF until this morning after falling into a very deep sleep on my side for 2 hours

So 9 days with no problems

It lasted two hours although I am still getting the odd spasm

We are told that incidents like this can happen in the first three months but I was totally crushed(Irrational I know but after 9days free but previously every 2-3 days and 10-12 hours at a time) I was hoping for a miracle

There are two very kind individuals who have supported me in the last 6 months and who will pm me but I am worried that a simple mistake may have undone the ablation .

Also there are many seriously worse individuals on this site other than me but my AF coupled with the side effects of bisoporol virtually but me under house arrest for 7 months Out of 210 days only 30 were spent outside of four walls and only for an hour or two So you may understand my fear of more months of solitary confinement and endless daytime tv

Apologise for feeling sorry for myself

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Hi kelvyn, sorry to hear you went into AF , but good news is it only lasted 2 hours . It was a lot more before. It's around the 9 days mark afterwards that my ectopics got going on and off . I have seen people on here say they had some runs of Af then it becomes less then nothing . So don't be disappointed my friend, and that's what this group is for to ask questions and get support. I have high hopes for you and I think this will pass soon. Week 2 was more difficult for me and then week 4 more hard ectopics . I am looking at it like inside are hearts ♥️ is starting to build the scar tissue like a little wall blocking out them signals. Keep your chin up and rest well as you might be doing a little to soon . Stay hydrated kelvyn, lots of water 👍🏼

Best wishes

Sam 💗


I haven't had an ablation yet (have my first meeting with Dr Stafford in December). From what people report on this site, many have lots of ectopic beats and episodes of AF soon after the operation. I would imagine that because your heart went into AF so frequently, it's just so used to doing it, and it will take a bit of time for the tissues to heal/form scar tissue and generally settle down.

AF is such a pain in the butt, we all hope for a miracle! If I last more than four days, I declare to my partner that I'm cured haha! Then feel crushed when it comes again. Give yourself a big pat on the back for getting through the op and having less episodes than before.

Sending you lots of positive vibes and hope you continue to improve :o)


Thanks for reply and good luck with your ablation Ask for a cancellation as the waiting list is 3-4 months if you haven’t got a date yet

Any questions please ask

Dr Stafford and team are very good at what they do



Well I've just had the letter giving me a first appointment and I'm wondering why they're telling me I'll have to go on Warfarin before the ablation, because of the stroke risk of the operation. I've been on Apixaban for ages, so surely that will be fine? They'll know that everyone diagnosed with AF is given anticoagulants, so I'm wondering if they want me to swap to Warfarin. Not happy about that....I may call the secretary and see if I can get more information.


Ring secretary because they often get crossed wires In my case they were going to offer me a date and I wasn’t on any blood thinners When I asked the question it was lets put you on apixaban


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