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4 days post Ablation

I am writing to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year. This site has been so helpful in calming me down by, if not asking questions on it and being responded to, being able to read other leads within the site. If I meet anyone with similar problems to ours - I will definitely recommend them here.

I am taking things steady, which is a job in itself isn't it?? ((: especially at this time of year!..... Putting up the Christmas decs this evening which will be good - Son coming home to do it.....

Feeling better every day, and looking forward to moving forward from here along with you all.

With very best wishes for 2015.

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Feeling better every day must be the best present anyone could have. Have a great Christmas.



Manys Koll.... and you too.


Peace and Love the spirit of CHRISTmas. Take it easy now, very early days now so don't over do it.



Many thanks Bob..... Drs. orders....


Glad each day is bringing improvement. I'm two weeks post ablation on Christmas Day and have had a bit of a rough day today (because I'd felt so much better I've done too much I suspect) so please rest plenty even if like me your feeling better. Merry Christmas and let your Son help you. Best wishes x


Thank you Mommamia - hope you have a lovely Christmas too - its a bit of a surprise to the system isn't it? this "go slowly, slowly" - I can see what everyone is saying now - hope you are feeling a lot better today - you take it steady too. Best wishes x

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Wonderful news.... what a great gift. Take good care and go slowly!


Thank you for your good wishes Iris. Best wishes to you too.


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