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10 days post ablation

Had my successful ablation 11th July. During the week leading up to it my INR went from 3.6 on the Monday , 2.9 Wednesday , 2.4 Thursday to 2.0 on the Friday morning just before my ablation. My groin still hurts but not as much now. I have spent the time doing nothing. The heat gave me palpitations but was still in regular synus rhythm. Had my INR checked seven days after on Friday. It had shot up to 3.8 and my warfarin had been reduced. Due another check this Friday. My question is should I have weekly checks until it stabilises at 2.5 - arythmia nurse at hospital said this is wHat it must be. And when can I start doing more than just sitting? Can anyone help with some advice please

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2.5 is the aiming point but few people get right on the nail so up to 3.5 and down to 2 are usually acceptable. In fact some EPs say between 2 and 3 whilst others between 2.5 and 3.5 . The other thing to understand is that testing INR is not an exact science and results will always vary from lab to lab and machine to machine and I was told not to be too obsessive about it. How often you are tested will depend on the lab and the results so be guided by them

Glad things have worked out well and glad also you have been chilling out plenty. My ANP once told me "do nothing for the first week and not a lot more for the second", so by now you could be doing a bit more, but no heavy lifting or violent exercise. Get better slowly in other words.

Stay well



Thanks Bob. Sound advice as usual. It's early days and all new to me. Thought I would be able to cope better than this as I have had other heart problems all my life. I will be guided by my GP until I have my check up at the hospital. Going to get a holiday arranged for the end of august somewhere warm and sunny. Promise to relax !


I would insist on weekly testing - studies show it's much safer!


Thanks RosyG. Hopefully my surgery nurses will agree.


Hi wpw62,

You sound as if you are doing very well. I found that the best thing was to listen to my body - if I felt like doing a few light jobs I gave it a try, if I did too much body and heart soon let me know! My groin wound naturally slowed me down for a couple of weeks and I just added a little more each day. Sometimes, without thinking, I found myself just doing things - funnily it was never cleaning the oven!

Hope you continue to do well and take care



Thanks Angela for your kind words. It is so good to hear from others. Who have been through the same. Take care Cathy


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