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10 days post ablation

Hi all , I've been fairly ok Until last night felt my heart bump a little checked my pulse and it was missing beats then speeding up a little then back to normal , went on a few times befor just beating a bit faster for an hour or so , not sure if this was af or not as it wasn't as fast as af before the ablation , do I need to buy one of these alive core devices to keep a check on things ? I did get a blood pressure device but found I became obsessed with checking things all the time , generally feeling ok still off work and not taken any exercise as yet was going to start walking next week , thanks all Paul

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Stop worrying Paul. It will take at least three months for things to settle down and the heart to heal so until then it is,open season for bumps and twiddles. If you start worrying then you will notice every little ectopic (which these sound like) and runs of tachycardia and it will drive you mad.

Nothing is wrong, you are just healing is all.



Thank you Bob , I must admit it's rocked me again I was feeling ok about everything until last night , I did expect it at some point as ep didn't feel confident it would work as he'd tested the Pvi and that was isolated but has he was pulling out I went into af and had to be cardioverted twice so says he will need to map it next time , thanks again Bob cheers Paul


I had a lot of odd beats after ablation. They decreased over time but it took around 5 months before they stopped. I am now almost 2 years post ablation and although I may need another it has improved my quality of life enormously. In fact back to where I was before AF. So stay optimistic and even if you do need another, as you now know it is not a painful or particularly scary procedure four most of us.

Best of luck


Thank you lallym , it's always good to hear other people's experiences with things like this , I tend to over think things especially in the middle of the night , I wouldn't feel like doing it all over again rite now but probably will a bit further down the line , thanks again cheers Paul


Hi Paul

You have described pretty accurately one of the episodes I had in the immediate post ablation period. I had two episodes of AF in the first week which was put down to the disturbance caused to the heart by the actual procedure.

I had been discharged without needing any medication (apart from anticoagulant) as I hadn't taken anything beforehand - they had never worked effectively for me in the past.

I was put on a low dose of bisporopol to calm things down for a 4 -6 week period but

within a week of starting the bisporpol I had an episode exactly as you describe.

I am not sure if this was the bisporpol dampening down the heart wanting to go into AF or a sign that the ablation was starting to work as the scar tissue started to form. I like to think the latter.

In any event nothing similar since and no episodes of definitive AF in the last 12 months. Still get occaisional ectopics though.

Could this be a sign that the ablation is starting to work for you with the scar tissue forming and doing its job of holding back the impulses that start the AF?

Think positive!

All the best



Hi Dave , I was discharged with the bisoprolol 2.5mg and flecainide 100mg evening 50 mg morning , apparently to give the heart a calm environment to heal , I'm not sure if it's the Meds holding it back or like you say maybe the ablation scars I would like to think the latter too lol , very good to hear youve been af free for so long that's good news and hopefully even if it means another ablation I could get there too , it's hard trying to think positive at the mo I'm sure you've been there ,thanks again Dave cheers Paul


I'm only 5 days post ablation but my heart rate also changes by upto 20bpm.

While I was in hospital 1 of the cardiac doctors (not the ep) took some time to explain PAC/ectopic to me and how to recognise them on my alivecore.

So far - touch wood - that's all I have had - pacs/ectopics at varying speeds and durations.

I'm on exactly the same meds as before the ablation, for the same reason, the help the heart stay calm while it heals.

EP said if AF free at 3 months then we will look at reducing the medication VERY slowly. He also said I may stay on micro dosages for up to a year to support the heart.

Anticoagulant, that's forever. But I can live with that.


Sounds like where in the same boat here lol, only sounds like you've had it all explained to you I just got discharged the next morning and told no hot showers for three days no exercise for at least two weeks and off you trot , good job I found this site for the good advice and support of other af ers thanks a lot jap cheers Paul

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Hi Paul,

I've just posted 2 weeks post ablation, including that because I can't replace the battery on my AliveCor device at least it's stopped me obsessing over my heart! I'd say it's probably not a bad thing not to have one! As others have said, it's normal to have these ectopics etc. but they do reduce.

I tend to go with what my body tells me, so I started making sure I moved around the home between rests and doing light chores (until I was knocked with an infection for a few days) and then short distances walking slowly and building up each day as long as I'm feeling well.

Personally, I find moving around and keeping busy/occupied makes any odd heart beats less noticeable and as a result less concerned - a potentially vicious circle if one gets anxious!

Hope you keep well!


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Hi bev , I'm positive I would become obsessed with the alive core and it would more than likely make me more aware of the missed beats and in turn anxious about it all ,I too like to be moving all the time to take my mind off things ,I just check my pulse every now and again when I feel tired or headache but mostly everything's fine , still early days wishing you a speedy return to normal cheers Paul


Hi..one week post ablation.

I found my heart had settled dow. But the rate like japaholic stated,has gone up 20 bpm. I read about this whilst googling effects after having a catheter. ..aahhh... and came across Massachewsets hospital and they had a lovely list of things to look out for. .. how bizarre to end up there. .. . The heart will be doing its own thing. ..It's been through a trauma. If pain then that will be a concern.

Take care


Hi there , yes surprising where Google can take you lol , yes things seem calm at the mo probably just me being over sensitive to anything that happens at the mo , probably expecting too much too soon went on a three mile walk this morning and was fine no breathlessness or problems ,wishing you a speedy recovery cheers Paul


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