Still feeling very sore and sorry for myself

I hurt a lot in spite of taking paracetamol and diazepam. In fact I can't seem to get away from the pain whatever I do. Has anyone else felt like this after a pacemaker implantation ? Sorry to moan but it hurts so much just like a boil that's on the point of bursting. I go to the hospital on Monday for the doctor to see it. On top of that I've still got AF with a pulse around 105. Any ideas would be helpful . Thank you Terry

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  • A pacemaker will not stop the AF Terry as it only works on the ventricles and it is the atria which fibrillates. Are they going to progress to AV node ablation once the pacemaker has settled down?


  • The plan is to have a cardioversion in January. I'm still feeing rotten and the amiodarone and Paradoxol make me feel sick. Wishing I'd never had it all done! Hoping it gradually gets better. Perhaps after the cardioversion I'll be able to go back to Flecainide as I had no side effects from that. Thanks for your reply it does help that some else knows how one feels. Terry

  • I Terjo,Had my PM fit June 2013 and it was painful for a couple of days and then eased off after that but you must make sure not to use that arm or lift it above shoulder height for at least a week or you could dislodge the wires.

  • Hi Terjo - Sorry to hear you are suffering with pain. I hope you soon feel better.


  • Ouf - sorry to hear you get the double whammy- AF and pain from the PM. go get help and advice if you need it! Hope things improve quickly. PS, you are NOT feeling sorry for yourself.... your concern for your pain is warranted. Be kind to yourself.

  • Hi I had quite a bit of pain post insertion. Discomfort now and again. However it has enabled me to return to the gym. Another plus is I can now have meds for the AF which is helping a lot. Trust me it will improve

  • Thank you all for your kind and caring replies, I'll think of them in the wee small hours. Some of you seem to have had success with the procedure, I'll hang onto that thought. Keep well and thanks again. Terry

  • Hope you are feeling a bit better today.

  • I hope you are feeling better too Terjo. I am thinking of you.

  • Hi, as others have said about pacemaker, but they do seem to stand out a little bit, that's normal, and you need to avoid poking and feeling at it, so you wont disturb it and cause problems from doing that. The pain will go away, as do most things. Take care and heal well


  • Thank you Carol, I haven't been touching it at all as its too painful, but hurting less today. Still feeling miserable as the amiodarone doesn't seem to agree with me and is making me feel sick.

    I've been reading about the drug and it sounds pretty drastic. I'm hoping to tell the hospital on Monday how it's making me feel and hopefully they'll take me off it. Seeing my own doctor next week too. Thanks for your kind words. Terry

  • Saw the nurse at the hospital today she said the wound was healing alright. They said I must go and see my gp about stopping the amiodarone as it could be dangerous and I should be back on some other drug. I couldn't face taken the pill yesterday as they made me feel so ghastly. My pulse did go down quite a lot after stopping the amiodarone the opposite of what it was supposed to be controlling so I think I did the right thing. I'll go to see my dr tomorrow and discuss with him. Will keep you informed. Terry

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