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Feeling very low and lonely

Hi everyone, I've suffered depression and GAD for years.

I'm been seeing my latest counsellor for nearly a year now, previously I've seen counsellor off and on for years, (since I was a child). My latest counsellor is brilliant, she has asked the questions that no other counsellor has done.

My problem is loneliness, I've no friends as my ex hubby made sure of that by threatening them. My life at the moment is my 2 daughter's, granddaughter and my pets but it would be lovely if I could make some friends.

My loneliness is horrible, its 4 walls and my daughters etc but my daughters have their own life. I don't go out as I've no one to go out with.

The other thing that stops me is my illnesses, I have quite a few. I have Emphysema, Degenerative Disc Disease etc. I would love to meet some new people and have some adult conversation. 😊😊

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Hi Bentleyboo and welcome.

I don't know which forum you meant to post to but this is the AF forum - Atrial Fibrillation. Did you mean to post here?

I am assuming that you have come out of an abusive relationship, please do be careful to cover your tracks and ensure your network is secure.

Best wishes CD.


bentley boo, I'm sorry to hear you are feeling lonely. The best way to make friends is to join some activity which you enjoy- you'll meet people with the same interests then. If it's difficult to get out, approach your local council as they usually can tell you what activity are local and whether they have dial a ride etc to get you there and back. If you re well enough to volunteer at your local hospital it's a good day to meet people.

it does need effort but it is very worth while- your local church may have activities and may have volunteers who can collect you if need be good luck!!


So sorry to hear you feel so low and lonely. Good that you have family though, always a blessing. Are there any local groups you could join perhaps your counsellor could off you some advice on that.

You are amongst friends here so reaching out is always a good idea. Thinking of you. X

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All good advice above. It's something best motivated by yourself, Bentleyboo, which is not always easy when you are in a bad place, as you seem to be. Your counsellor is listening and finding out why you are so low and unhappy - will be waiting to see if you can find a way out and upwards yourself. As meadfoot suggests, maybe ask next time if you might consider looking for a local social group or voluntary organisation. In itself, this would be a good direction to take your counselling and may just take you somewhere good.

I hope you can soon find a happier place to be in your life.



Not the answer in totality but the Samaritans are a really good organisation. I started off as a Samaritan which lead me into social work. They also have a befriending service I believe. Loneliness is unfortunately the new epidemic in the UK. It's horrible and unless you have experience it usually hard for people to understand. I just joined an art class not very good but a nice bunch of people. Also the u3a have many things organised. Best wishes Chris


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