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Feeling sorry for myself

Hi all

Just need a virtual hug, feeling sorry for myself as still feeling quite battered and battle scarred following the surgical ablation. My main worry is the feeling of numbness / pins&needles sensation across the top of ny tummy. I know I'm not taking proper breaths yet , and I worry about permanent diaphragm paralysis and that usual sensation won"t return. I know Rome was n't built in a day and it's probably only post surgery blues, but feel better for sharing with like minded souls.

Chris x

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Bless you Chris! How many have you had? I felt like that after my first ablation and was frightened to do anything and worried about every odd sensation, if it is not your first

you will know that these feelings subside eventually. Plenty rest, pain relief and a big virtual hug should hopefully do the trick!

I have this all to go through again to on Monday for an ablate and pace! heaven help me as I have a rubbish pain threshold.

You just take it easy and have a good weekend.



Best wishes for Monday Wendi. Will be thinking of you. All will be well I am sure.



Thankyou Wendi,

I have had, 2 PVI ablations, but this surgical ablation is a relatively new procedure, where they make 3 incisions between your ribs on each side of the body, mainly towards your back due to a lady's anatomy.

Then they insert a camera and instruments and ablate the outside of the atrium, they turn you over and do the other side, and put in 2 chest drains I was unconscious for at least 6-7 hours, take you into ITU, overnight, then transfer you to a ward for 3-4 days.

I suppose, realistically I've had my internal organs messed with quite a bit and hopefully when the bruising and swelling goes down, I will feel better, it's just very uncomfortable.

Thanks for the hug, will be thinking of you on Monday, good luck,

Chris xx


Ah Chris, big hug from me. Post procedure blues, shock to the system and genuine fear of the unknown are all very reasonable reactions no wonder you feel worried and down. The good news is you will feel better soon physically and emotionally and need to be kind to yourself. Have you someone looking after you and comforting you.

I think all you are feeling are normal things and scary ones too. Can you speak with your consultant or arrhythmia nurse at the hospital for support, do you have a good GP to speak with.

Dont suffer in silence. I would make a call to my medic if I were worried about symptoms so your mind can be put at rest. Sounds to me as though the symptoms you are experiencing are normal at this point but check it out if you are worried.

Mega hugs, thinking of you.



Hi Dee

Thanks for the hug, have got my husband at home as he's retired, very good with the practical things, cooking, cleaning etc, finds emotions a bit tricky, but makes the right noises, have got 2 daughters who are very good. I would have had one of my best friends, who was brilliant in these situations, but unfortunately she was killed in a tragic accident in early Jan, and I think all this has just compounded that, I miss her so much.

Yes I could talk to the rhythm nurse and I 'm sure my EP too, but don't want to appear over anxious.

Have just tried to lie flat on my back on the bed, which actually made things feel a bit better and not so scrunched up and stiff. It also did n't make my breathing any worse, which is good. Will contact the hospital after the weekend if there's no improvement, but fingers crossed,

Thanks for listening

Chris x


Thinking of you and hoping all your aches and pains subside soon. It sounds like you have been through the mill a bit ( no, a LOT )and no wonder you are feeling emotional. I wouldn't hesitate to ring the hospital for reassurance. X

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Hi Chris - Sorry you are not feeling quite right. I've had two ablations, but have never heard of the last procedure you have just had. Really hope you soon pick up. Please don't hesitate to ask your EP, cardiologist, GP or AF nurse for advice, as that will ease your mind.

Make sure you let us know how you get on.

Big healing hug.

Jean x


Hi Chris just read you post, I'm lagging a bit behind these days, but sending you a big virtual hug, being careful not to squash your sensitive bits. You have got more than a few scars so hardly surprising you feel vulnerable and tender.

Hoping you had a good night and have a better day and hoping that the outcome is worth pain.

Very best wishes Susi.


Thanks Susi, hope your right, have been in NSR since, but am soooo sore. My appetite has disappeared, which won't hurt, and everything tastes very sweet. I just feel so low in mood, think this is quite a common side effect of anaesthesia. But It has to work, I need to get off the Amiodarone, but don't think I could go throught this or something similar again. Thanks for your support and hugs. Chris xx


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