Magnesium and other supliments

I've been reading a lot lately about the benefits of magnesium as well as calcium and potassium for helping afib.

Does anyone have any experience of these supliments making much difference and can you take them whilst on certain meds? I'm currently on warfarin, bisprolol and amiodarone. I do take omega 3, 6 & 9 as I read they were good for heart function and I have at least 1 or 2 bananas a day so probably have potassium covered too!

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  • I take a magnesium/potassium supplement 3 or 4 times a week. I eat a relatively balanced diet but do use several complementary medicines (Mag/Pot supplements, probiotics, acupunture) that help my overall health.

    As I understand it the supplements are supposed to facilitate proper muscle function in the heart. I dont honestly know if it does do that, perhaps its the placebo effect.

    I use these -

  • I only recently since Saturday started to pop a magnesium pill and thereafter my heart has been AWOL for 2 days. I didn't take the pill on Tuesday and my heart today is calm again. Whether this had anything to do with that reaction is anyone's guess ! I won't be popping magnesium pills again. :-D and just getting it naturally from food.

  • My Naturopath suggested Mg (incl potassium, taurine ++) brand Nutri Ultra Muscleze and CoQ10 for the reasons Japaholic says. So far just done Mg which I think has helped?!

  • I'd say give the CoQ10 a go! Of course it's only my own experience but since taking it I have had far fewer, if any, spells of dizziness. The difference is noticeable! I was already taking Magnesium and have 6mg Warfarin, 3 Arythmo, 125mcg thyroxine (I have no natural thyroid)l and two blood pressure tabs per day. It's quite a pile but, touch wood, I'm feeling good apart from the odd ultra-tired day!

    Keep well, guys and guyesses!

    Marilyn x

  • Thanks Marilyn, hope to start CoQ10 shortly….all these trials with different things take time. Good to hear your 'cocktail' is working!

  • Cardiologists and EP have both advised me against taking supplements of potassium as too much can cause arrhythmias and it's best be ensure enough magnesium and Potassium are in our diet. I have had a potassium level below range when in bad AF so have been careful about this since the last episode in April- since then no episodes so far (could be co-incidence!)

    I think we need around 4000 units of Potassium - hard to get without planning diet- jacket potato is the highest- around 1000 units=- then bananas, salmon- around 400 each - mushrooms are good too and then oranges and orange juice- full glass orange juice around 5-600 units. Nuts are probably best for Magnesium but it's not so hard to get enough magnesium in the diet, Brazil nuts and almonds are good.

  • Thanks for that Rosy - brazil nuts, almonds, baked potatoes... Writing it all down :)


  • Joebob I am currently 1 week post ablation. My blood pressure is very low. My heart rste is stable / unstable which also drops the blood pressure on top of that the verapamil is another bp lowering drug. The doctors put me onto 4 magnesium a day to help bring up the bp and to protect the heart whilst it is still crapping itself from having the buggery burnt out of it. I had the magnesium and potasium in hospital as well. I think the only problem is having too much can cause peripheral problems so the balance and advice must be followed.

  • I have switched to Ubiquinol - it is a bit more expensive but a better version of CoQ10 - primarily for the over 50s!

  • Agreed Rosy If you look up magnesium and arrhythmias there is info to suggest they can cause arrhythmia. I guess I'm not a pharmacist but one could perhaps advise on the best amounts to ingest and how to go about this....

  • Thanks for the replies. I started taking magnesium and zinc today (266mg magnesium & 10mg zinc), I live in the UK but I'm guessing that most of you guys are in the US, so I would imagine recommended daily dosage would differ?

    I will let you know how I get on.

  • I think you will find that although people from many countries, the majority are UK based.

  • Ask OK, that's good to know. Thanks.

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