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Warfarin and INR too high


I need help and advice please. My INR has been fairly constant for the past eight weeks but today with just four weeks to go to my ablation date it has gone up to 3.1 I have been trying to lose weight and eat healthier foods ie more fruit and salad stuffs. Now to get my INR levels down do I eat foots with high or low levels of vitamin k. Feeling rather down today and not very positive. Any advice please.

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My EP wants me below 3 for my ablation. I have been steady at 2.5 for ages when tested via finger but a recent blood sample test at hospital prior to biopsy came in at 1.5. There seems to be a big variation depending on type of test. I would not alter your routine until you have more tests prior to the ablation.

Bob will give you good advice.

wpw62 in reply to jennydog

Thanks Jennydog. Guess I am panicking a bit.


Hi wpw, I agree with Jennydog, don't change anything, 3.1 is fine and the INR measure itself is not accurate enough for that to be any problem whatsoever, I would not amend diet to try and change it. Perhaps ask for another test in two weeks and I it sounds like you will be in range.

Be well


wpw62 in reply to Beancounter

Thanks Ian. I am having weekly tests and have to phone them through to the arythmia nurse. Will continue as I am doing and keep my fingers crossed.


My EP wanted me between 3 and 4 for my ablation ! I didn't get there as it dropped last minute to about 2.7, or something like that, but they went head anyhow.


wpw62 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Koll mine is meant to be as near to 2.5 but between 2 and 3. I hope it levels off again.


You see I go up to London for the day for the Arrhythmia Alliance 10 th birthday and yuu get on fine without me. Well done . LOL

Seriously Jenny is quite right and I can't really add anything. You will be fine.


wpw62 in reply to BobD

Thanks Bob. It's so good to have the support on here. I was panicking today. Tomorrow is another day and I WILL be positive !

My target was 2 - 3 and I really struggled to keep it steady, but have found the solution by keeping the Warfarin dose the same (ignoring the surgery computer recommendation, with the agreement of the Practice Nurse) and manipulating the INR by my intake of leafy green veg - so more if I need it to drop and less if it needs to rise. The odd glass of alcohol at a weekend also helps to raise it - such hardship. This works brilliantly for me, but was previously the cause of much anxiety. I wish you really good luck in stabilising things and getting your ablation soon. Had my first 10 days ago - a walk in the park!

wpw62 in reply to aquarian52

Thank you so much for reply. I will try to keep it stable by tweaking my diet. Good to hear about your ablation. Keep us posted with your progress.

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