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it just popped up in conversation today .that the more active you are .the more likely it will affect my inr which at the moment is tested weekly .i need 5 weeks of 2.5 ----3.0 before i can have cardio version i have yet to achieve this ,it can be anything from 1.7 ----2.5----3.4 now i am at 2.8 with a 111over 81 bp and 81 bpm any advise out there please .thank you poppey storey

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Hi Poppey

Well it doesn't affect mine, I have gone from couch potato to five hours a week over the last 7 weeks now, and it has not changed my INR at all.

I think diet and drugs have a lot more to do with it, I am not sure physical activity changes it at all to be honest

Be well



thank you Ian just another thing I needed advise on ,the one thing about learning it never ends ,I have learnt more in the last 6months about the human body than I ever did at school,thanks poppey storey


Hi poppy story

I don't think activity may effect INR level , it is mainly effected by type of food and interaction with other medication

I'm on warfarin for 13 years now , and each body is unique and response differently

Hope I will hear good news soon about your ablation

All the best dear



I must admit that when I was first getting my I.N.R. stable I did wonder if exercise hastened the warfarin removal from my body as I am fairly active and I ended up on a high dose of warfarin. 11 mg a day. However the nurse explained that to an extent your tolerance to warfarin is inherited. Now that I am stable exercise doesn't seem to affect it. I am still on 11mg so guess my tolerance level is quite high. It's all a bit erratic at first but trust me it will settle down and will just become a part of your life. Just like putting make up on...a necessary evil for me these days! X


thanks deeottie if only warfarin made me feel as good as my make up ,at least you have made me laugh .I do try hard not to let it interfer with my life but waiting in the clinic is like waiting to be weighed at weight watchers ,and i do fined my particular clinic quite depressing , thanks again poppeystorey


The only exercise I would think could affect it is weight lifting or contact sports as this causes minor blood vessels to break. Food and drugs seems to be the big game changer


thanks for replying the heaviest thing i lift is my hoover ,a bit addicted to this machine just doing it now ,,take care ,poppey storey


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