INR Levels way too high

Had my INR level checked this morning. It has gone way too high again - with only a week to go to my ablation. It is now 3.4. I was really upset about this as I have been telling my surgery it was getting too high every week for about 6 weeks but they kept saying no, its all right, just continue with the same dose. Now today they have reduced it from 28 mg per week to 26. Another INR test is booked for Monday evening. I feel in great need for some reassurance and group hugs. Do you think it will be ok by 11th July my ablation date. I have been waiting for this since January and don't want it postponed. Feeling very despondent today.

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  • Do be of good cheer! This may not be a disaster - far from it! I think a low INR is likely to be worse as a high level can be lowered if need be. My INR was 3.5 on the day of my ablation. It was supposed to be 'over 2' but it had shot up from 2.7 suddenly. It was no problem whatsoever.

    My surgery don't listen and although we can see the way things are going, the computer takes little notice of a trend.

    I do envy you on 26mg. As I posted, my last INR was 1.6 and I was taking 63mg.

  • Thank you rellim296. I guess I am going into panic mode. I had an hour long bout if AF yesterday as well. I hope you are right about it being better to be in the high side as it can be lowered. I rang the hospital with my results as I do each week and they have not replied to say it is a problem. Just counting down the days now Hope you are enjoying good health now

  • I imagine you will be fine, don't worry. I don't think it will bother them. Good luck over the next week - hope it will fly by without more AF. All the best for the big day.

    Yes, thank you. I am fine and feeling much more positive than I have done for a long time. Am not only taking myself to London for the 29 July meeting but booking up a trip to France in September.

  • Enjoy your trip to London and holiday in France I will be booking my holiday for the end of August. Take care. Thanks for your positive comments

  • Thanks for that. Enjoys yours too! Have a good week and keep us up to date!

  • Rellim.

    You are getting around ! good for you nice to hear your alright.


  • Yes, I'm feeling in good form. The French trip has been on the cards for a while - a slightly sombre trip as we are off to my great uncle's war grave. Should be 100 years from his death, but somewhat inconsiderately the Scottish Referendum is happening on the day.

    Nice to hear from you, Christo.

  • My husband and I used to live in France and ran small group trips to the will find it an incredibly moving experience, be outraged at the needless loss of life and be calmed and grateful for the work of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission who keep every one of the thousands of cemeteries in perfect condition. It will be something you will never forget.

    Glad you are feeling so much better.

  • Thanks for that. It will be my first visit to a War Grave. He was a Vet with the Royal Army Veterinary Corps, aged 24, so only just qualified and a huge waste of a promising life. There are five of us meeting up for the occasion.

  • Every story is such a sad one. If we keep going to see them they will never be forgotten.

  • Yes, there are three great nieces and a great great nephew and his partner visiting. He in fact visited as a small child with parents and grandmother and left some conkers as a tribute my aunt told me.

  • wpw62- i have brought my INR down from 3.6 to 2.7 in 24 hours by eating more lettuce and green beans than usual- I'm not suggesting you do it as you have had your warfarin dose adjusted but it's something you could ask them about if the next test is too high

  • Same here.x

  • Thanks rosyG and dedeottie for your replies. I am still trying to get my head around how my INR levels are rising. I haven't looked at a lettuce leaf all week so don't understand how eating vitamin K high foods can lower INR levels I am just getting confused and upset with the whole thing now.

  • Try not to worry. Easier said than done I know and I will be just the same when it is my turn. However it sounds like they are checking sooner now and you have got a bit of wriggle room at the score you are on now. My fingers will be crossed.x

  • Feeling much relieved this morning. Spoke with the arrhythmia nurse at Papworth and they are happy with my INR. As you all said if can be brought down slowly but will only be an issue if it drops below 2 as ablation would likely be postponed. Thanks for all you kind posts x

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