INR levels getting lower

Four weeks post ablation. Warfarin had been increased slowly from 21mg per to 23mg per week as from today. INR has gone from 2.9 down to 1.4 today. Getting a bit concerned about this now as I am off for two weeks holiday to Northern Cyprus on 24 August and wanted to be at a stable level for that. Not really changed anything much on my diet. Any advice anyone Thanks Cathy

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  • If you were on warfarin before the ablation what dose were you on then? It seems strange if you did not start straight back onto that dose again after the procedure if you were stable at that level. If not then you have always had a stability problem and there may be no single cause for the dropped INR. My advice is to stay with the program whilst not getting obsessed about INR which we should all by now understand is not an exact science. Enjoy the holiday and don't worry about it.


  • Hi Bob. Thanks for replying. I was on 28 mg per week from early April right up till a couple of weeks beforehand ablation on 11 July when my INR went up to 3.6. Been on lower doses ever since. Is it a problem to be so low or is it just if it is too high. Hospital sAid it should be 2.5. Also is alcohol a good idea on holiday or should I still abstain!

  • I should have said my INR was fairly constant at 2.6/2.7 till it went up to 3.6

  • I am completely baffled why they didn't just tell you to go back on your normal does as I was told and then have blood test after a week. Some hospitals just don't seem to get it do they.? You have some protection obviously but less than ideal. You are are at little risk of bleeding with an INR of up to five so the expert told me. Since alcohol increases INR I think a few holiday bevvies would do no harm since your INR is so low. I'm not an expert remember and you should make your own choices on these things. Have a good holiday and above all don't worry about it.


  • Thanks again Bob. Sound advice. I will raise a glass to you and try not to worry about AF etc on holiday

  • You surely not taking the warfarin once weekly.? How much per day.?

  • It varies 3 or 4 mg per day this week

  • They've struggled to get my INR up to the correct levels since my ablation. When they tested me immediately before the ablation, it had dropped to 2. They went ahead but the hospital increased the warfarin to alternate days of 4 and 5 whereupon it shot up to 3. The INR lady at the GP surgery then reduced the dose to 3x5 and 4x4 which made it jump to 3.9!

    So they reduced it to just 4mg daily and it dropped to 2.5. They then added a day of 5mg and it went down to 2.1, then two weeks later to 1.7, so they added a 2nd 5mg in the week and it went up to 1.9. Finally, for the first time since the end of June, I'm in range at 2.3! I'm sure that's far too much info, but it just goes to show how difficult it is sometimes.

  • Thank you I think my INR had a mind of its own. I will try not to worry so much now.

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