Nosh and Natter in London

Thanks very much to Ian for organising the nosh and natter last week. I was sorry I was there for such a short while. As those of you who were there will know, I had to leave early as my father was ill. In fact he died later that afternoon. So it's been a very sad time. But he was 96 so he had a great innings. His health was starting to get worse so it is some comfort that he did not have a prolonged death.

He had AF and all he took was flecainide. He died officially of old age. So it shows that it is possible to live to a great age with AF. He didn't take an anticoagulant - he should have done and we discussed it. But he would have forgotten to take a dose or doubled up and I think it would have ended up causing more problems than it would have prevented.


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  • I am so sorry Mark, and I offer my sincere and hearfelt condolences. Losing a parent is hard no matter what age they are, and you have my deepest understanding of that.

    However it was a delight to meet you, and your insightful contributions to the conversation were much appreciated.

    Let's do it again soon, but hopefully under much better conditions


  • Very sorry to hear that news. Even at an old age it's still a great loss. 96 is pretty good going as you say, and with AF.

    Best wishes


  • Sorry to read your sad news Mark and RIP.


  • So sorry to hear your news, Mark. As Ian says, it was very good to meet you and I hope that we shall all have longer together on another occasion. Meanwhile, condolences and very best wishes, Kay

  • Many thanks for all your best wishes. We have received a great number of condolences which is a great confort.

    I hope the rest of the afternoon went well.


  • So sorry. As I discovered recently losing a parent is indeed hard at whatever age especially if it's the last parent. Thinking of you.x

  • Sorry to hear about your father.

    May he rest in peace.

  • I was so sorry to hear of your loss Mark. Losing a parent, no matter how old they are, or you are, is gut wrenching.

  • Hi Mark

    I've only just read this and am very sorry to hear your father died on the day we met in London. I hope you are coping well- it's very draining to lose a parent and I hope you are managing. I did enjoy meeting you and hope Ian will be organising another get together soon

  • Hi Rosy,

    Thanks very much for your kind comments. I very much enjoyed meeting you as well. The funeral's on Friday (a long time I know!). Hopefully we'll all meet up again soon.


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