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Ian's Natter and Nosh

Of course we had good weather as it is mandatory when we meet at EVs!!

It's such a pretty place with great food.

Thank you to Ian for arranging again-- it is always lovely to see everyone and exchange stories!!

We thought of you Flapjack- driving round the USA!!

Thanks again Ian

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Yes thanks Ian and also all those who attended!!!

Good to meet faces old and new.


Sorry not to be there but hope to meet up in Birmingham on the 8th. Any plans for an afternoon get together before dinner at the Hyatt? With my other half in tow, I'm thinking of lunch at Bill's Restaurant near New Street Station, just to fill up a bit.


yes we missed you Relim,

Not coming to Birmingham but hope to see you soon,


Thank you, Rosy. Sorry not to be seeing you. I'll hope to come again sometime next year. Apart from the company, the food's so delicious. But I may get to London before then.


Great !!


Ooh could you start a thread on this question?

I am thinking of going to patients day, not sure yet.

I would love to meet up with people as Ian's Nosh & Natter has established so far that none of us are axe murderers, (I am bringing my axe just in case though).

And since I am being a wimp and you are obviously well known and liked, could you get that conversation started could you could you?

And maybe people will swap tips on where to stay, and suchlike...

Thanks for reading, whatever you decide.


Do go to patients' day if you can, Boombiddy, because it's likely to be very interesting and they do still have places.

I'll think about Birmingham! I think most people (those who aren't at the Hyatt) are at the Canal Side Premier Inn. We are at the Brindley Place Premier Inn. Hard to find, as it's a bit tucked away, but quietish. There's also a Premier Inn at New Street Station and a Travelodge.

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Thankyou Ian for arranging today and making this awkward newbie so welcome, and thankyou everybody!

I was so looking forward to meeting you all and so glad I did!

Looking forward to to the next time.


Very good to see you all in this lovely venue. Thank you Ian.


What a lovely lunch and company - thank you Ian!


Well I knew you would all have a great afternoon.......we are having a good time too......almost 3 months post ablation and the 'ole ticker is behaving itself nicely.....(everything crossed)......👍


Great to hear all's well John- we missed you!!

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So pleased you all had an enjoyable afternoon.

Sorry I couldn't be there - I did start off but had to return home due to my back pain.

See you all at the next one!



In spite of my early, unplanned exit I did have a good time....thank you Ian.

In the end I went to A and E to be checked out and everything was fine. I think I had a migraine which turned into a panic attack so have been told by my daughters, in no uncertain terms, to rest and rest and rest.

Good to see everyone



Great. Good to see you if only for part of the time.


Very pleased everything was OK Take care and enjoy next week-end


Thank you Rosemary


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