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12 days after ablation

I still feel weak , since two days I'm having migraine with a lot of ectopic beats as usual during migraine

I'm having also short term palpitation not sure if flutter or tachycardia since both the same symptoms for me ' and I'm on sotalol and warfarin

Today I went to supermarket I felt very tired after 30 minutes of walking , heavy chess and a feeling like hot flash in the chess and left back shoulder increasing with effort and it is still coming and going

I still feel it is all expected during recovery duration as I read here

Just wondering if it is normal to be tired so quickly after ablation ! And how can I join work on Sunday in this case

I have appointment with my cardiologist tomorrow not my EP just to discuss with him the above

My husband got really disappointed when I felt so tired in the supermarket , I was not even able to talk from the squeezing in my chess but no irregular palpitation

What do you think is that?

I'm still feeling the same and trying to sleep looking for better tomorrow


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Maitha it really is still very early days and it all sounds normal to me. My nurse told me do nothing for the first week, not much more for the second and then gradually start getting back into normal life. You have had a lot done to you even though it wasn't surgery so it WILL take time to settle. Be patient but do check with your cardio. I think it takes at least a month to fully get over the anaesthetic and tht is probably why you are having migraines. I seem to remember that myself.

Bob D


Hello BobD

Not sure how else to contact you than to jump on the end of someone else's posting.

You kindly replied to my post the other day and seemed extremely knowledgeable, experienced and sensible. I have just returned from cardiologist having discussed my Sotalol dose. However, he says I now have tachicardia, I had already noticed that my pulse is too fast, constantly over a hundred, and he also says this is nothing to do with the AF? He didn't enlarge any more on this? Is it a problem and does it need treating as a separate issue do you know please?

Regards Penny


Hi Penny, I can't remember what your past history is but there is a thing called atrial tachycardia and there is ventricular tachycardia which is not good so I must guess that what you have is atrial tachycardia since you doc didn't seem worried. A cardioversion may correct this if they were prepared to do it. You must be feeling tired with you heart running that fast as I went through that for quite a while and in fact had three cardioversion at different times to correct the ATach. It is sometimes a side effect of ablation, well mine was anyway.

By the way if you wanted to contact me off post there is a message system on here -- without going back to "home " I can't recall how to access it but Ian and I sometimes have contact away from the main forum.

I hope that helps.



Penny to message Bob easiest way, click on his name at the head of any post and in the new screen that opens "send message" on the right, this is off forum and private and confidential then. Good luck




I had what is called silent migraines or migraine aura for 3 weeks after the ablation and then they just disappeared. I have never had a migraine before so I was quite worried that I was about to have another stroke. The migraines I had were pain free ( no headaches ) but vivid flashing lights in my eyes open and closed ,which made me feel very sick and dizzy and they lasted between 20 mins to an hour. Also numerous ectopic beats, much less now though ( I had the ablation 3 months ago ) . I had quite a lot of flutters but are much less now as well .I have had 3 AF episodes in total , last one on Tuesday morning but none of them nearly so violent as before .I have had no episodes of tachycardia since the ablation at all. I would have found 30 minutes of walking very tiring after only 12 days so don't expect to much .Bob is absolutely right ,he gave me the same advice ,it's still very early days for you and hopefully each day you will become stronger. I've still a way to go but I'm so much better than before so hopefully you'll be the same or even better .Keep positive.




Hope you feel better will be reassured after talking to a cardiologist. You did well to go to the was several weeks before i did that..after ablation in March. I could not contemplate work for a month....the anaesthetic takes time to get out of your system...found It hard to concentrate for several weeks too. Do take it a bit when your body tells you. We are all thinking of you! Ann


Hi I am 3 weeks after my AF ablation, I am feeling very not with it in my head, I cant think straight. I feel not all there at times. Sorry to ask but did you ever feel this way or know of this side effect after ablation? Im on no medications and am 36 years old. I just feel frightened and alone at the moment.



Sorry for late reply.

I can relate to that feeling of being alone after an ablation..I did too, when all around you think you should be normal! I had the feeling of not being with it for about a month afterwards...hard to concentrate etc. I think that is normal for some folk as you have been through quite a lot physically and mentally. I had a month off work before I could get my brain in gear!! It does get better with time, so give yourself time!!!! I am six months post ablation and brain just about there.

You are doing well!!!



Thank you all , you made me feel better

Feejbee you described exactly my symptoms of migraine since three days now I was not expecting that it is not related to the procedure at all , I'm used to migraine all my life but the last week was too much specially the aura!

I will take one week more off from work since I should drive to office one hour and working for eight hours daily which is too much comparing to supermarket visit yesterday

I was planning to go with my daughter to the mall today after my clinic but it seems I will cancel it , poor girl she keeps on expecting more from me , I feel I'm disappointing all my family , hope I can made it for them all later

Thank you Bob and Frenchgoose for your reply



I met my cardiologist today and he confirmed sinus heart rhythm thank god , he didn't find any other reason for my chess tightness rather than asthma symptoms which is common with the usage of beta blockers , which he is recommending to reduce the dose after a month of ablation and may stop it if everything went well

He changed my inhaler to other one more save for irrythemia cases

I consulted him about my dental works I was planning to go through next week and he advised me to forget about it for the meantime

And he prescribed for me again few tablets only from relaxation drug for the mean time only to help me feel better



Sorry to hear you are having unpleasant symptoms. I had my 3rd catheter ablation on 15th August and can honestly say I have had very little trouble, apart from of couple of 'unwell' mornings and two migraines. Whenever I can see a migraine coming on I take 2 paracetamol. This clears my vision at least, although usually some headache is left.

I would think that you are rushing it a bit re work and supermarket visits. Can you give your body time to recover? My first ablation didn't work, and the second was very successful. My EP just wanted to try and eliminate it (AF)some more, hence the 3rd ablation. If you take it easy chances are you will feel better in a short time. Best wishes, Carrie


Hello carrie I'm having my ablation next week in same hospital as you how are you getting on I'm so scared salome


Thank you Carrie

I'm happy to hear that you doing well

I'm trying to rest more and take it easy step by step , but the migraine is coming daily since four days now and mostly the aura not always with headache and it is effecting the palpitation somehow

Hope symptoms will improve by time

Dear Salome

I know exactly what you feel , since I ad my ablation 13 days back

Honestly ablation procedure was a lot easier than what I was expecting , don't be scared at all , I was awake during the procedure talking with the doctor , and when I feel discomfort I tell him so he give me something to calm me down , it took around 3 hours passed so quickly maybe because I was half conscious

No pain just discomfort , and I slept after that for a three nice hours deeply :) and next day they discharge me

Recovering that is what you need to focus on , since you need to rest and take it slowly which I'm trying to do right now



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