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SVT back after ablation?

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I had my ablation for STV on the 10th Feb.

I was told at the time that they may not of got it due to being so close to my AV node abd I was going into heart block during the procedure.

I've had a few little bumps etc since but no SVT. However today after eating my heart started to race which lasted about 20 to 30 seconds.

It then left me very tired.

I'm concerned it's back. I am aware that the ablations for Afib that it can take a long time to be sure it's worked but I was wondering if this is the same with SVT.

I really don't won't to go back on meds if I can help it.

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These things take time to heal- minimum 3 months. Read the guidelines written by persons who had ablations. Take magnesium to help the heart heal and beat.

Thanks for the reply. Good to know ablations for SVT take a while to heal as well as the ones for Afib

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Ablation is ablation is ablation. No difference where it is. It still take time so please relax.

Hi Chris. It's normal at this stage after your ablation, to worry that it hasn't worked. I've had 3 for AF and flutter. Perhaps it won't cure you 100%, but they usually ease symptoms. Time really does make a great difference to healing. I had stitches in my forehead 6 weeks ago and it's still not completely healed and slightly sore. Give it a few more months before deciding it hasn't worked.

Wishing you well.


Hi Jean

Thanks for your reply.

I guess the trouble was that both the cardiologist I saw and then the EP both stated that an ablation for SVT is a complete cure in 98% cases. I was worried I was in the 2%. But you are right it may take a while longer to heal. Thanks Chris

Chris, I am an A-Fib/A-Flutter and SVT sufferer who had a an RF and Cryo ablation in 2018 and whilst the A-Fib has mostly resolved itself I still get SVT from time to time like you for 30 seconds. I know it’s disconcerting, but you have to realise it won’t kill you. You aren’t going to just drop down. Breathe and change position often works for me. The other night after eating I sat on the sofa and went from 51bpm to 145bpm in a second. It lasted 25 seconds and then back to normal.

Don’t despair, it’s early days and no indication that the ablation was not successful. As others have said it’s about time and every person heals differently.

Hi thanks for your reply. It's good to hear your experiences and reassuring.

I was just a little worried as I'm an emergency services front line worker and had to convince my bosses that I'm fit and healthy so I can stay and help with the current situation in the world.

Thanks again Chris

Snap! Coming from an ex Met Response Officer I know where you are coming from. I’ll PM you Chris.

Like the others, I had mine March last year, it wasnt until the August the little flutters and bumps finally stopped. The first two months after they were so bad like you I wasnt convinced it hadnt worked. A year on almost to the day I get the occasional flutter but its really rare. Remember youve just had your heart burnt, it will take some time to heal.

Hi thanks for your reply. It's reassuring that it is normal.

hi chris ive just read your post i had an ablation 3 years ago for svt also got airfit had ablated 2 places anrvt spare secont pathway not sure what that ment was ablated very close to my vegus nerve was fine up to recently i had big cluster of pulpitations then feeling my ples spiked was like it for 30 sec then just stopped does this mean its crept back or am i just worried thankyou

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