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Recovering from ablation

It had been 15 days since I had my ablation , still having few ectopic beats

I went at last to work today and after 4 hours of office work I got really tired and symptoms like short breath , chess tightness , palpitation started , my pulse was up and down between 56-100 for short terms

I felt really bad for an hour then I'm back to normal

I wonder if these symptoms are flutter again or tachycardia ( Both same symptoms to me Since I had tachycardia just after 48 hours of ablation ) and I'm on sotalol right now

Should I rest more at home? Was it a flutter or what ?

I'm afraid it may happen again , should I contact my doctor again and got a holter to know ?

Any advise?

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MaItha this is normal recovery as far as I am concerned. Try to stop worrying but do rest as muchh as you can, This is still very early days you know. Can you arrange for some flexible working hours for a while till things settle down a bit more.?



Hi Maitha,

I have been following your ablation journey but as I am awaiting a consultation for a possible ablation I am not able to give any post ablation advice not having traveled your road as yet. However knowing only too well how Afib, flutters and SVT's can make us feel I think you are trying to do far to much only 15 days post ablation and having had a further hospital stay thereafter.

You have had an invasive procedure which must take its toll on the body. I know it isn't an operation as such but it is a shock to the system non the less and a procedure on a crucial part of our anatomy at that. I do hope you can rearrange your work schedule for another couple of weeks. You may well find pushing yourself too far too soon will set back your recovery.

I know it is tempting to get back to your usual routines as soon as possible but it looks as though your have pushed yourself too far too fast. Please take your time. You will, in the long run, do better by doing less now. Best wishes, Dee.

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Hi Maitha - I agree with all that Meadfoot/Dee has said above. Please, please try and rest and not expect to be back to normal just yet. It is going to take many more weeks, if not months for your heart to heal and you will find that your energy levels will increase a little each day.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Jean

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Thank you for your kind support

I'm not worried more than imbaressed between the employees I look terrible during the episodes

I went out the room to another empty office feeling so bad , I closed the door and try to take deep breath to stop it , I couldn't even talk to my colleague there to tell her what's wrong

I can't adjust my working hours at all unfortunately and already had three weeks as sick leave and my job is very sensitive and require a lot of concentration

I'm always saying that I'm improving and these symptoms are expected during the recovery

As I hope so

So I should ignore those symptoms right now which is very hard and nearly impossible during meetings ! Don't know what else should I do


Hi Maitha - Only you know just how you are feeling, so always do what you feel is right, not what we on this site guess is right for you. Wearing a heart monitor for a while is probably a good idea, if only to give you peace of mind. Your heart rate from 56 to 100 sounds perfectly normal. I wonder as you mention symptoms not being too good when you attend meetings whether you could now be having panic attacks?

Feeling bad for an hour or so after having your ablation just two weeks ago sounds normal too. I'm almost 10 weeks post ablation and I still get short periods of extreme tiredness (mostly in the afternoon). Have you been checked for diabetes and thyroid problems? Also remember what I said about artificial sweeteners causing AF and avoid them. Did you have anything to eat or drink before this last period of feeling bad?

Hope we can help you.



Thank you dear for your kind reply

Actually even during all my AF attacks i never recorded any pulse more than 110 but the doctor told me through ECG it is a lot more actually but couldn't be recorded and counted , and I'm sure it is not panic attack at all , and all other tests are fine

The pulse went up in a second from 50s to 100 the back to 50s again in seconds that is what I meant

I stopped using the sweeteners after your comment earlier and I already reduced my weight by 10 kilos recently

And you are right about not feeling well more often afternoon , I may request holter monitor later , my appointment is three weeks later

Hope you will be better soon



Hello Maitha.Please take people's advice you have had it rough for a long while at least deligate the shopping and rest ....l think you have gone back to work to soon....Take care of yourself....C


I too recently had an ablation and was that while the scar tissue firms on the heart I may continue to experience the symptoms, I have had around five episodes since my op most if which settled down after I popped 40 mg of Sotalol, these only lasted around three hours, however yesterday I returned to work after taking nine days off and around 11AM my heart was running at 140 BPM, I popped a Sotalol pill and still no change after four hours, I contacted the hospital and was advised to take another pill and if no change when I go to bed take another two pills if the same in the morning go to A & E, however if I was feeling bad during the evening go to A & E. fortunately at 7 PM the ticker settled down. I'm not sure why this episode was more intense than the previous post operation ones, may be I did go back to work too early or maybe i over did things the day before! Before the operation I was having up to three episodes a day for 30 continuos days so whilst I am anxious whether the ablation has worked or not, time will tell!


Woollfie it takes at lea

st three months for things to settle down and to be frank you probably went back to work too early. I was told do nothing for the first week, not much more for the second and then slowly build up to normal life.. My first ablation didn't work but then I did if you see what I mean. Later ones I was more cautious. The Procedure, not an operation by the way, take a lot out of a person and just because it isn't an operation with a huge scar up your chest doesn't mean that a lot has been done in there. Take it easy and I am sure things will settle down eventually but it is very early still.



From reading others experiences I think you are all right , going back to routine work after two weeks of ablation is too early and maybe it depends on what had been done exactly duration ablation (how big the scar maybe !) and the ability of the body to heal, in addition to our lifestyles.

I believe my normal lifestyle is very stressful , driving daily for one and a half an hour to work and working eight hours in addition to stressful tasks is too much in this stage , don't know how to manage it , and my personality is hyper actually :(

I'm trying my best to stay calm as possible , and delegate some works to others as Jean recommend , and quite earlier when I can


My first I was not at work for 3 weeks second I picked up an infection and was in hospital for 3 weeks before I went back to work a week later walking like John Wayne third failed but had no work to go to. It will take time as long as you are below or around 100 it should not be a problem. Stress is not good for AF no sudden movements or shocks (I went into a very bad AF when my dog got hit by a Van when he slipped his collar (he was fine))


Please, what is this going back to work after a few weeks ?

Has anyone noticed that many unsuccessful stories of ablation come from people trying to go back to work early, start doing what they did before - early, and trying to put a brave face on - too early. Even after an AF episode you should be looking a a decent few weeks off work, taking it easy, and getting back to normal. I dont buy this back to work idea after a few weeks after an op either. Take as long as it takes, start implementing your own routines, start a fitness regime and an eating regime too. But do it at your pace and in your time. Think of yourself and give your family someone to have around for a lot longer than they would have if you start playing the silly superhero.

If it takes three months it takes three months.

If its six, its six.

Please ......

Leave your ego behind, and any ideas of getting back to normal in a few weeks because thats what you think everyone wants. This ilness is life changing and manageable and if your sensible, it wont be life ending.

Im serious.


Dear Keith

I received few advices including my doctors to go back to work in one week , But I did after two weeks

Actually it was the worse week ever, today I was in ER since I got frequent scary irrethemia from morning till now same as AF symptoms , so I had a holter now to check what is going on , and having pain now all over my chess along with migraine

I agree with you Offcut since I noticed what I had today was due to stress, starting daily after few hours of work and I'm not ready yet for such shocks!

Today i already completed three weeks after ablation and I'm planning to take another week off and have more rest.

I'm praying to god what I'm having these days doesn't mean that ablation was not successful , I'm already on sotalol and supposed to control such symptoms during recovery only for 4 weeks! It doesn't look effective at all

When I had my open heart surgery after four weeks I was a lot better than now and even going out for shopping , it look like that AF had more worse symptoms and not easy to be managed

May god help us all to live as normal as possible


Here Here :-)


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