One week after ablation

Well that's a week in. Felt my best today, not like the past 6days in which I felt wrecked several times each day. At the moment I only get the odd palpitation,which seems to be quiet normal after the procedure.just looking forward to trying a few small walks in the coming days.fingers crossed ,I might be able to manage it without feeling ill.

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  • Hi Coll55 just remember take it very easy for atleast two weeks,Build the walks up slowly,hope everything goes well,good luck

  • Hope you're continuing to do well. It's a bit odd having the Big Day behind one and a little unsettling to be wondering how successful it has been!

  • It took 5 weeks for me to feel normal. I had all kinds of strange sensations like a dull pain under my right rib cage. I also still feel bloated though that could just be lack of exercise. Hope it's a complete success and you continue to feel better. Take it easy.

  • I am still amazed my EP says I can go back to work in two days! I am taking off wed-sun, but beyond is costly for me as I am self employed. You folks all say two weeks and they insist here that it isn't necessary! crossing my fingers.

    That all stays calm for you- forever!

  • Depends what you do Iris. My EP said not to drive for 2 days and I have been feeling fine and four days on would be OK for a sedentary job.

  • Far from sedentary, I am standing, talking, exercising and carrying 5k.... but I am not having a General Anesthetic.... still surprises me that they are so adamant here (and with great experience) that I will be fine! I won't be driving for at least two days. I even have a neighbor who had the same procedure done by the same doctor and she was fine in two days. And for the good news - clear of AFib! Thanks for the input!

  • Well be encouraged! The day after my ablation, I was evicted from my bed at 8am as it was required for a new patient, and I carried my suitcase, crammed with things I had not used, to the waiting area and then they handed me a list of instructions which included an instruction not to carry heavy weights! Also the suggestion to walk upstairs as little as possible.

  • oh my... seems to be consistent! I have one hour more- 9am! I pay a fortune for insurance ( my biggest expense per month other than rent) and I was called back from the Hospital to tell me that they do accept my insurance for the intervention but they will not accept the overnight charge! 22k for the surgery but my isurance won't cough up for a one night stay. So the kind hospital gives a discount rate for overnight out of pocket, but was informed that I was without nursing staff or medical after 9pm. So in essence if something goes awry, I have to be checked back in through emergency!

    I know- as for the weight, I will finally have to ask my clients to help! Perhaps all is well that ends well. Take good care, hoping you find the solution you need.

  • Oh wow, how mean can they be? But sounds like you have it sorted. You will need to take care of the small injuries at the top of the leg. Tiny, but they can bleed ....

    Thanks for your good wishes - take care. Do hope it goes well for you. Please let us know how you are doing.

  • Just want to remind you guys that the DVLA say you must not drive for at least 7days after a catheter ablation. My EP said 2 days as well but he was misinformed. Your insurance would not be valid.

    I felt ok after 2 days and great after 10 days but end of my first week back working, pretty sedentary, I am now shattered and I know from experience of my 1st ablation that overdoing it too soon brought the worst episode I had, in coronary care for 2 days. I wonder if that may be effected by age, I am 62, so maybe if you are younger you will bounce back quicker. I am also self-employed so I know the urgency to get back to work.

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