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50 days after ablation

50 days after ablation

Good thing no atrial flutter recorded , but unpredictable junction Tachycardia, recently at night for 3 times

I went to ER last night and I'm disappointed , they said nothing to be done there for me , they got EKG and send me back , told me it is not dangerous and they can't do anything to stop it just relax , And discuss the required treatment with your EP later

I'm really tired and exhausted I'm having such attacks 2-3 times a week with sotalol , it was more worse earlier

Maybe it is not life threatening as they told me but not so different from the flutter , same symptoms and causing me tired and weak most of the time

I started having this tachycardia only after ablation , and they recommended another ablation to treat it again

What hurts me more the ER doctor who was under estimating my suffering telling me that this is not emergency case and I have been there a lot recently and can't do anything mor so no need to show up again and stop being worried and relax !

Anyone can relax during AF or tachycardia !? Note that I was not shouting or crying I was just holding my chest and trying to breath good since I had short breath

I told my husband don't take me to ER again what ever happened , really I hope all similar doctors to get one single not life threatening episode of such case to learn more about our suffering and let them show us how do they relax !

Sorry I'm really upset today


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How unhelpful. What do they expect you to do just bear it. I am disgusted with their attitude. So its not life threatening so they say, is that the only criteria under which they attend to patients. As you say it would be good to have them feel it then they might have a different approach. It is not as though you attend with a pain in your little finger, it is your heart for goodness sake.

Don't be afraid to go to ER and struggle at home. It's your life not theirs, better safe than sorry. Perhaps all round they need to do a better job for you. It is you who should be complaining about them.

Good luck.



Thank you dear for your support

I went to ER after one hour of continuous symptoms , it stopped their for ten minutes then started again there and recorded .

No one else can understand such suffering unless he had similar situation , as you said if your finger is bleeding they will treat you as emergency even not life threatening but Such as mine as tachycardia they can't do anything more than advises to calm down and relax till your EP appointment , but they did the required tests actually

Today I'm pretending I'm fine and pushing myself to do my daily task ignoring my symptoms , having zanax when I really need it , and praying to god I will be stronger

My EP appointment is on 27th and really I hate to meet those doctors , where I'm nearly sure that their lack of experience in EP study and ablation caused me these junctional tachycardia

I need them to prepare for me a report in order to have the required treatment abroad


Do please continue to go to A and E when this happens- that is a safe place to rest and let things calm down. You may have got one grumpy doctor but I'm sure most staff realise it is alarming and would want to check to make sure everything else wasO K Perhaps some others on this blog can let you know if they had similar experiences after ablation which later resolved themselves?


That was not a very caring way of treating you. A little love and gentleness is appreciated much more. The only positive is that you didn't have to go home on your own to an empty house. With AF you need understanding, and that is what is found on this site. Best wishes when you see your Cardio next time.


Actually I keep on thinking maybe they are right since this is the second ER doctor treating me the same way , I'm having those episoids a lot and sometimes they are more scary and lasts for more than 30 minutes then I got really tired and short breath then I have to drive another 45 min to reach hospital

I'm trying my best to stay as calm as possible , but it is impossible to be normal and relaxed during such situation , isn't it ?!

Most of the times it ends with nothing done in ER , it stopped by its own and 3 times it was AF and ends with cardiversions and ablation

Don't know what to do else ! I'm helpless really , embarrassed from myself

My question do any of you here having junctional tachycardia ? How to deal with it ? What to do during the attack ? It should be dangerous for the heart for long term !

My EP doctor was very calm telling me to continue on sotalol twice and will do ablation again soon ! And he said god with you , that is all

I'm awaiting his medical report to arrange for treatment abroad and that will take sometime

Please advise how to deal with these attacks till I get the proper treatment


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