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Recovering from ablation

I'm currently recovering from ablation since two days , want to know about possible symptoms ?

i feel great but having strange feeling in the chess just like sudden pain like needles in different places , also discomfort in the chess for few seconds, is it normal ?

Appreciate your input related to your previous experience if any .


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Hi Maitha

I'm sure you're going to feel sore after your ablation for quite a while. If you think about what has been done to your poor heart it's no wonder you are feeling the effects.

After my ablation 8 weeks ago I still get a sore feeling in my heart, at times, if I exert myself too much. Also about 5 days after the procedure I got out of bed one night to take my electric blanket off and had a strong ache/pain in my heart for a short while. At the time I wondered if I was having a heart attack, but it passed after about 10-15 minutes. I have heard of quite a few people on this site that have had the same thing after their ablations.

However, when I rang my GP to report my heart pain episode he said "Just put it down to an experience". With hindsight I think he was right.

Of course I'm not saying you should ignore any pains you get. As we all keep saying on this site 'we are all different' so if you are worried I would talk to your GP.

At the moment I still get times when I feel quite worn out and have to stop what I'm doing - it usually occurs in the afternoon. I think it's just my body telling me 'stop you've done enough today'. It's frustrating as I'm so desperate to be 'normal' and to be able to do what I want. I guess you are the same.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Jean x



That is exactly what I'm having , shock in the chess upon activity , which doesn't last for long , or when having deep breath or bending my body

Thank you dear you make me feel better, hope you will completely healthy soon



Hi Maitha. Your heart has had a lot of bashing about and it will take some time to settle down so please do not start worrying about it. I have said before that it takes at least three months for things to settle down and you will have episodes of strange feelings and occasional odd rhythms during the healing precess. THIS IS QUITE NORMAL!

I went through a period of being very short of breath like with a bad chest cold, aches through to my spine and all sort of little rhythm changes but they all settled down eventually. Just because you haven't been cut up and there is nothing to see doesn't mean that your heart has not had a great deal of work done inside. Rest an relax. You will be fine.



Thank you very much

So it is normal to feel all those things, that is all what I need to know since my doctor said I will be normal in three days where i should walk and not only lay in bed , and only rest for a week then I can be back to work

I'm having also some ectopic beats were recorded at hospital after ablation and I was expecting those based on Bob input earlier

Maybe I'm in a Hurry and should rest for more time than what doctor said



I was told to have complete rest do not drive for a week and do not lift anything heavier than 2 kg. My last third ablation did not work as planned I have had more sleep apnoea episodes. From what has happened to me does not mean it will you. We are all very different but it does seem the heart needs to readjust its self afterwards in all sorts of weird ways.


Unfortunately I'm back again to hospital , I had very annoying arrhythmia started yesterday where my heart pulse change between 60-110 within seconds like Creasy all the time till this morning

My EP met me today saying that it is not a flutter but another type of arrhythmia in addition to isolated PVCs could not catch the name right ( junction.....) and he replace bisoprolol with satolol , saying that sometime it happens after ablation and may settle down in a month , but just wait and see

I know it is early to judge the result but couldn't stop crying like a baby in ER yesterday since I'm scared and disappointed , I risk doing the ablation in order to get out of such problems and to avoid using medications / side effects for the rest of my life

Hope I did the right think,



So sorry you have had a setback Maitha . It is still very,very, early days. Your heart has been traumatised with the procedure and is reacting to it all. You must be very distressed but you will settle with time. Try not to be too disappointed, it was only undertaken a few days ago. Medics will sort things for you.

Try to remember all the posts from people who have had to same procedure and various issues on the journey back to heart health. Not had an ablation yet myself but it is on the cards so like you I will be seeking some comfort on this forum. I am positive others have gone through your experience and will post to you very soon. Be confident, all will be well. Regards Dee.


Thanks dear , for you support , I'm better today with the new medicine

Hope I wall be better soon


I hope you get sorted soon. Stress does not help but the AF makes you stressed. Try and get your mind somewhere else. Write that compliant letter you always wanted to.


I have been informed that even my ablation for atrial flutter was successful but Junctional tachycardia had been recorded yesterday during my suffering from chess discomfort with palpitation which hadn't been ever recorded earlier before ablation!

Is it common after ablation ? Permanent or just during recovery

Any feedback ?


Hi Maitha, not heard of this but maybe it's just part of the weird rhythmns that my EP said you can get after the ablation in the first 10 days whilst the heart is recovering. How are you doing now ?


Thank you for your reply

I'm still at hospital under monitoring , I had again tachycardia with a lot of ectopic beats

I'm now on satolol 40 mg twice daily to control heart rhythm

I never had such tachycardia before that ablation , my case was paroxysmal AF earlier

I'm worried since I had the ablation just to avoid such medication for the rest of my life

Hope I can stop it within four weeks as recovery duration based on my EP input

Maybe I'm worried too much and it is too early to judge the result as Bob said earlier

Looking forward to go back home to my normal life soon

Wish you healthy good life



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