So Disappointed

Last week, which was 5 weeks after my recent 2nd ablation, I had an ECG and all was well with my pulse at 63. I felt on top of the world and had been for a long walk with a friend this past Monday . But to my horror very early this Tuesday morning my heat started racing after I got out of bed for a toilet visit. It's nowhere near as fast as it used to be before the ablation, now between 96 and 110 resting (mostly just over 100). I had another ECG at my surgery Tuesday afternoon and my GP has said that there are some strange firings coming from my heart from where they shouldn't!! I really don't feel that bright and to do anything is an effort. My GP has sent a copy of the abnormal ECG to my EP and is awaiting a response. Meanwhile I have this morning at around 10am, on the advice of my doc, gone back to taking Amiodarone and also a small dose of Metoprolol. However, my heart rate hasn't really dropped much at all up to now being 102 at this moment.

I'd been looking forward to a visit to London this weekend, where my sister was going to take me and my daughter on a walk around the main sites of interest, we're also booked in at a restaurant for Saturday evening. Not to mention having booked hotel rooms for Saturday night. My daughters husband will be working up there for the weekend so we would drive up with him.

At this moment in time I'm telling my daughter that I'm still going, although I know I couldn't do the walking. I've said I'll take a bus tour while they do the walk.

A six hour ablation and here I am unable to do much other that sit!!! I'm bitterly disappointed.


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  • So sorry to hear of your disappointing experience Jean. How frustrating and sad you have not, as yet, got the result you dreamed of. Ablation not being an exact science by any means you may find you have a period of upset until things settle. Not like having your appendix out - when its gone it's gone.

    Try and keep the faith, as unsettling as it is the medics will sort you out. Annoying to say the least that your travel plans have been disrupted. I know so well how we long to get back to a normal life which this condition curtails for us so often. Trusting this is a hiccup for you. Thinking of you. Best wishes and keep us updated.



  • Jeanie, this is very early days I must assure you. It takes at least three months for the scar tissue which blocks the rogue impulses to form and it is open season for all sorts of arrhythmias in that time. I get so annoyed that doctors don't explain this to patients. I was very lucky in that I had access to a specialist arrhythmia nurse who was able to re-assure me when this sort of thing happened to me. I really would not give up the faith just yet. Maybe in 6 months if it was still happening I might worry a little but another ablation is never out of the question.

    Hope that helps.


    PS good on you for still going. AF should not take over your life.

  • Hi Dee and Bob - Thank you both for your kind words of support.

    I'm please to report that a miracle has happened!. Shortly after writing on here about my pulse racing, I was talking on the phone to a neighbour when my heart suddenly went back into its normal rhythm. After two and a half days with it doing it's own thing I could hardly believe my luck. The episode has left my heart feeling a little sore, so I've no desire to move around too much at the moment. I can only say it must have been the power of offloading on this site to fellow AFibbers who are so understanding and supportive.

    I will try and think positive and hope that this was just a bit of a blip while my heart heals.

    Thank you both again.


  • Hi Jean, We compared notes a few days ago about chest pains post ablation. I am so sorry to read that you have another problem but pleased to hear it has now settled. Nothing to add than to say I have only just recovered from the chest pain episode but it is still only two weeks tomorrow since my ablation. Just to say I am thinking of you and hope that all goes well now Kind regards Penny

  • Thank you for thinking of me Penny. This morning my BP and pulse are all totally normal. I'm off to London for the weekend tomorrow and have my fingers crossed that I'll be fine. When my heart returned to normal yesterday it had left my heart a bit sore, which I felt more if I moved around - so tried my best to sit and relax. Glad your heart pains have settled and hope you are well on the road to recovery.


  • Hi Jean -- I had similar racing episodes after my 2nd ablation -- turned out to be Atrial Flutter . Has this been mentioned ?

  • Hi Yatsura - Atrial flutter was talked about before my ablation, but I don't know whether anything was actually done about it during the procedure. My left atria was treated on my first ablation and the right during my second. What was the outcome of your atrial flutter?


  • Hi Jean

    My atrial flutter was actually cured ( to date , anyhow ) by my 3rd ablation at the end of April this year. I really was in a bad way with it by that time. Latterly I had been waking up with a heart rate soaring to 240 bpm before settling to 110/120 ( normally 70 ish ). I had been ' blue lighted ' to A & E a couple of times when it would not reduce from the 240's & had my 10 th DCCV during this time. I had acouple of days on CCU when this early morning high bpm was captured on ECG . It is great to be back in a normal heart rate at last - just hoping it continues . As my EP says - ' time will tell '.

    I can understand how disappointed you are feeling . Mine started going wrong barely 2 months after my 2nd ablation but there is still time for yours to right itself, it is early days.


  • Heart rate 240!!! Gosh that must have been scary for you. Mine used to go up to 180 and then settle for days between 135 - 145.

    Yes, I'm going to have to be patient and see what the outcome is. Of course it is early days for me and the healing process hasn't finished yet. Could have understood and coped with it more if it had just gone on for an hour or so, but not two and a half days.


  • So pleased to hear this Jean. Keep well and rest until the soreness eases. All will be well. Dee.

  • Glad to hear that. Pleased for you!

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