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It's 11 weeks since my 3rd Ablation. The first 3 weeks I had Afib episodes especially at night and would often wake with a feeling like my heart was shaking. I was used to having Afib episodes daily lasting up to a couple of hours but always reverting to NSR on my own. My first two ablations were in 2010 although I have probably had Afib for most of my adult life (64yrs old) I was good for 5years following my 2nd ablation. Taking no meds at all. Two years ago it started up again, I was fine with it until my GP caught me in Afib during a check up and started the whole ball rolling again. Anyways, June 28th I had my 3rd ablation. I thought I was now Afib clear again until I received the results of my 24hr halter yesterday. It showed 36 episodes of Afib in the 24 hr period. The only difference now is, I'm not feeling them and they are only lasting a few seconds. However I'm still in Afib. Feeling very disappointed and wondering if it's only a matter of time until I feel them again. Still thankfully taking no meds other than the anticoagulant Xeralto, now due to my age I will be permanently on it. 😰

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It is still only early days and you are asymptomatic. Personally i wouldn't keep worrying about the ' what ifs'. Deal with the problem when it arises. You are on anticoagulants. Meanwhile keep to the healthy living guidelines as much as you can and hope for the best.

Be positive.

Best wishes



ALL treatment for AF is only ever about improving quality of life (QOL). Sounds like it has if you are no longer aware of it. .


if you cant tell whether or not you are in AF and you are anti coagulated sounds like at leat a partial success .


Yes for sure! I was feeling great(still am) It was just my GP (it was him who gave me my H. results when I went for an appointment with my grandson) who put the downer on it & got me over



I had my third ablation in May. It didn't seem to work as I went into Afib just 2 days after! I've had 2 cardioversions since the ablation, still in afib, and put back on meds, coreg and propafanone. Yesterday I converted into sinus rhythm on my own and it's been 24 hours and still in sinus rhythm. That's the longest I've been in sinus rhythm since the ablation except for one week following my second cardioversion. My EP said that my heart may take a long time to heal from the ablation as he did several burns. So I'm now hoping that I may keep improving! I am like you, I have felt pretty good since the ablation and I can't feel the Afib and seem to have no symptoms. I hope that you will continue to improve as your heart heals!


Thank you! Awe, that's great news, so happy for you. Let's hope it's smooth sailing ahead for us both😘


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