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I had my ablation on Saturday and all seemed ok until Tuesday evening when I feel my heart was intermittently missing beats and thumping and it raced for awhile. My puse has been quite high since the procedure but it doesn't feel like the af I had before. The same happened last night but was a bit more severe. Does this mean the ablation hasn't worked? I am feeling a bit low at the moment

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  • There have been many posts on here from people who had some activity up to 6 months after ablation - the heart has been disturbed by the procedure so it's seems logical it will react- however, if you have any concerns, do contact the hospital and get advice. I'm sure people will post their experience there for you Good luck

  • I do get annoyed that this has not all been explained to you! Five minutes during a consultation would save so much worry.

    The heart takes at least three to six months to heal and the scar tissue to form blocking the rogue impulses so yes you will likely get some activity and even full blown AF during the recovery period sometimes call "the blanking period".

    Sadly this lack of input is not uncommon and way back when I had my first ablation I fully expected to be dancing out of the ward on no meds and fully recovered the next day. What a fool I was and back then neither this forum nor even AF Association had even been heard of. Did I feel scared and let down. You bet. That this situation still exists is unacceptable and we must all strive for better education and understanding.

    It will get better trust me.

    Oh and raised heart rate post ablation is another given. Mine was between 80 and 90 for about eight months but eventually returned to normal.

    Take heart from our experiences and above all stop worrying. You are normal.

  • I called the af nurses yesterday who called me back this morning as basically said what you have and they told me a heart rate of 90 is OK at the moment. I think I overdid it a bit yesterday too as I went for quite a long walk so they told me to rest. It's a strange journey but the support in this forum is invaluable xx

  • You have made me feel a great deal more relaxed about having the af operation I, E. Af node procedure. I have been lucky enough to now have a long awaited appt in June to see a Doctor who visits our local hospital but carries out the procedures in Oxford. It has been a long, long wait for many years now so any help,hints etc would be appreciated. Hope you all have a good Bank Holiday weekend.

    Gilly flower 13

  • Your very helpful advice and encouragement has been helpful as after many years of being an AF sufferer I have an appt in June to see a cardiologist who visits my local hosp in Northampton but carries out the procedure in John Radcliffe hosp in Oxford. so I am feeling positive that she will agree to undertake this operation before the end of this year!,,,

  • Good to know that someone is feeling the same as me. I had my ablation 2 weeks ago. The first few days following my heart rate was a bit higher than usual (high 70's) and was getting missed beats and double beats/fluttering feeling.

    It calmed down for a few days and for the first time in 2 years my chest felt calm, I couldn't feel the heartbeat at all. That felt good I can tell you.

    I was gutted when last Sunday afternoon the missing/extra beat thing started up again. It felt like it was constantly doing it for 4 days straight. It's calmed a little now and I do get a few hours a day when everything feels calm.

    I was warned that this could happen, but I'm still upset that it is and do worry that it's not worked.

    Trying to stay positive

  • Mines calmed down again now after two days of blips but like you I am still anxious about it starting up again. The good thing is I am totally off bisoprolol now which was knocking the stuffing out of me and my energy levels are much better. Hope you feel good again soon xxx

  • Lucky you, I'm still on bisoprolol for the foreseeable future

  • Hope things get better for you soon x

  • My heart beats were higher after ablation as mentioned above and I also had AF about 3 week after ablation 2. The heart beats did settle as the weeks went by. I have AF again last week after 3 months and after recently stopping Flecanide. I took a pop in pill dose and it sorted out the blip although I am less well since. I see the consultant soon so will discuss the situation. When I spoke to someone at the hospital 3 weeks after the first blip post operation they said we will know better after a YEAR. So expected anything and remain patient is the best advise. It is a shame they don't warn you as BobD mentioned.

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