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Estradoil Patch for Hot Flashes

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My MO reluctantly let me try .025mg Estradoil patch once a week for hot flashes. Did nothing. I know it may be different for each man but what would be a good range to consider.

27 Replies
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Suggest you PM Wassersug.

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Horse12888 in reply to Tall_Allen

He may be able to help, but he's on high-dose estradiol used in lieu of LHRH drugs.

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Joey40 in reply to Tall_Allen

Thanks Tall, I have spoken with him before. He is total replacement i am interested in only controlling hot flashes. Looking to get a range from current users for HF. Joe

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Usually you take a 0.1 mg patch twice a week.

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Joey40 in reply to GP24

Did you start out lower or just start with 1mg?

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GP24 in reply to Joey40

You can start with 0.1 mg patches.

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VHRguy in reply to GP24

Yes, in fact, 0.1mg/day is the maximum dose patch I've ever seen. I'm on two of those at a time, changed twice weekly.

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I tried them for two days a week at .0375mg/patch, for a week. They did nothing but give me a rash around my neck and upper chest. Still taking 75 mg Venlafaxine capsules which I think help somewhat.

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Joey40 in reply to ReeGee

Thanks. I had trouble with the venlafaxine. Missed a dose or try to get off it and had real hard times. Glad its working for you.

0.1 mg/day weekly Climara does the trick for me.

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Have you tried 20mg Megace per day?

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Not an answer to your question, but I thought I'd offer this, in case it might help someone. Black Cohosh is working for me to reduce my hot flashes to minimum frequency and intensity. Suggested by my family physician.

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Joey40 in reply to Mr_Natural

Thanks. Might give it a try if E does not work

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.1mg does the trick. Don’t know why your doc is so out of date.

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Joey40 in reply to Break60

He claims in increases chance of blood clots. I debated him on this but he still thinks its increases the risk. He did just move me up to .05mg. We will see how that does. Thanks

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Break60 in reply to Joey40

He ought to read the UK PATCH trial. I was advised to use one .1 mg patch changed twice weekly when I was getting radiation to pelvic lymph nodes. Read my profile . I switched to the patches in 2019 when I could no longer stand the SEs of lhrh agonists. I’m still on three .1 mg patches but have added Xtandi. Your doc is out of touch.

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VHRguy in reply to Joey40

That argument about blood clot risk is OLD information. There is no evidence of that for the modern transdermal skin patches. The estradiol is absorbed directly into the blood with them.

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Hi. 0.025 mg twice a week worked well for me. Consultant agreed that I could increase up to 0.1 mg twice weekly, and this is a more common recommendation.

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I have yet to find a doctor that will prescribe me estradiol patches. Reason, not SOC. I have been using a bioidentical cream that has allowed me to keep my estradiol between 12-30 pg/mL. The challenge is using just enough of the cream each day to stay in that range. It has reduced the frequency and intensity of the hot flushes for me. Additionally, after less than a year of use, plus a bone restore with K2 and D3, my osteopenia numbers have improved.I will be seeing a new hematologist/oncologist the first part of August and am hoping he will be receptive to the use of estradiol.

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Joey40 in reply to Exrunner

Very interesting. I was in a clinical trial for a year using estradiol cream (blind study, so dose unknown) for total Lupron replacement. Worked like a charm for me. A year of feeling good with no hot flashes, and no other problems. Had radiation to breast before start of trial to prevent breast enlargement. Worked fine. Unfortunately they never published results of trial, but i would do it again in a heartbeat. Came with a pump that dispensed same amount every day, but as i said i was not told wha the strength was. Lots of guys complain about changing patches all the time so you might not be too bad off. Good luck either way and thanks for info.Joe

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Bacana in reply to Exrunner

What’s your dosage of the cream to keep those levels?

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Exrunner in reply to Bacana

In April 2021 I stopped Casodex and started Orgovyx. Within three months my Estradiol dropped to 5, T to 9. Shortly thereafter I started using Estrogen Bi-Est 5.0. My Estradiol levels have been 14.8, 6.2, 16, 40.6 and my lastest on Jul 18 was 23. I am using five pea size pumps of the cream to the inside of my forearm to reach the current 23. I am hoping that my new doctor will be agreeable to using the patches and follow my Estradiol levels.

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I believe that the UK and India are running trials on the use of Estrogen to drop T to castrate levels. It will be interesting to see what the FDA does if the trials are positive for controlling PCa. I don't look to big Pharma to get too excited about it being approved.

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VHRguy in reply to Exrunner

I think you're onto the real issue there. There is Big Money made with current treatments, and broad use of an off-patent simple therapy like estradiol demolishes their business model.

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I know several men who have found great relief from hot flashes by using the EMBR wave, a device that you wear like a watch around your wrist. When you feel a hot flash coming on, you push a button and the device interrupts the hot flash. It is not cheap, but every one of the five guys I know who have tried it say that it has helped them a lot.

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.1mg cut hot flashes way back. It also improved my sleeping, mood and cleared a lot of brain fog. I have not tested, but I hope it is helping with bones too. I took several papers to my uro before he would "go off the range" and write the script.

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VHRguy in reply to lookingforamiracle

I have an open-minded GP that writes my script. I hope over time this becomes a more recognized treatment.

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