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Finally some "good" LU 177

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I just got my latest bloodwork done and one month (appx) after a PSA of PSA has gone down to 583.

It now looks like Dr. Luke was right about my high PSA being a flare up. I have done no other treatments since LU-177 about 3 months ago. After the injection...It went up up up....220 to 420 (ish) and then jumped to 932. This drop to 583 seems significant.

And My hemoglobin has gotten much temper my Platelets have dropped so low (can't remember what she said) that I am scheduled for typing in a couple of hours and platelet transfusions at 8 am tomorrow. Still....good news is good news and I'm guardedly optimistic. (aka squealing with joy)

Sparking and I are having a blast....making love and sleeping cuddled together and going for our morning and early evening walks...I think coming home was quite a big boost medicinally....


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This made me smile, GreatJohn! Thank you for sharing and I'm praying for you and wishing you the best!

any good news is GOOD. Even when tempered with a little bad news! LOL.

So great to hear your encouraging update 👍 . Do you think you may go back to see Dr. Luke in Omaha for another Lu177 treatment?

My blood levels still would NOT let me continue the LU 177. Not at this point. I'm seeing improvement in hemoglobin and hoping that in 5 or 6 months I might be able to consider another shot of the treatment.

Awesome news! Thanks for the update!

thanks! pic is from about 15 years ago...I did a bunch like this after returning from India..where I bought the garments.

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Lulu700 in reply to greatjohn

The Ganges?

Keep on trucking, John

Sometimes the sauce has to simmer a while before it is ready...prayers for you!!!

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greatjohn in reply to SPEEDYX

really good analogy! thanks! ! !

Sounds like great news, thanks for letting us know.

Glad you received some goods news but I think running out and getting baptized in the local pond might have been over the top.

tee hee....I'll get baptized in the Ganges if it will help. That pic is from a series I had photographed of me in Indian attire...I had gotten wet in our pool...and we made it look like I was "coming up from the Ganges" photographing me appearing to come out of the canal behind our house... That was the name I gave the series.

Oh my goodness!!!! That is soooooo awesome! Thanks for letting us know

Yay! That's great news!

Glad to see improvements... My PSA which had reached a PSADT of 12 days was stopped dead by Radiation treatments... No fall yet, but no rise in the last month.. Next month's blood test should show if I will last a while... Platelet donations I did in the past, I was informed, where for cancer patients.. at the time I didn't really know what that meant. I know for sure now. Best of luck to you and enjoy life and love.....Both are good.

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greatjohn in reply to Shooter1

Thanks so much! And I’m glad to hear the radiation has halted your PSA rising. Keep us posted.

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treedown in reply to Shooter1

That's great news Shooter. How was Seattle?

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Shooter1 in reply to treedown

Managed to get NaF18 scan in Spokane and Radiation Therapy in CDA. Seattle still on hold.

Congratulation… you deserve the break . So happy for you . The lord is looking for all of us . Amen

You look born again ,emerging from the River Jordan!🙏❤️


That is wonderful news, I knew home and Sparky would be healing for you! I know being home and having my pets surround me has always helped! And I wish I could donate my platelets to you, I've got too many! Lovely picture...

On gossamer wings purple pink blue sky
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greatjohn in reply to siouxbee19

You you are so kind. Thank you so much!

Good news and glad you have some! Hope it's the wind that carries you and lifts you up, even if just for a while!

Home sweeter for the absence

Yes! Photo makes you look like you will be walking on water next. If this happens, I want an appointment with you to be healed! Stay well and keep getting better.

Wonderful news keep positive x

Hi John - makes me wonder if a second 177 would have brought it down further - Im very pleased your PSA is down - incidentally do you have a low sugar diet ? - kindest Raoul - I get my second results tommorow from my Surgeon who heads up oncology

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greatjohn in reply to raoulmaher

A second shot of the LU177 at this point would probably kill me. It is very tough on the marrow.

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raoulmaher in reply to greatjohn

Sorry John I remember you saying that it was hard on your body - Gone is not where you need to be - Maybe at sometime in the future when you are a lot lot better - do you think the 177 improved anything ? - Did you say you had reduced your sugar intake John ? kindest Raoul

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greatjohn in reply to raoulmaher

It’s still too early to see in my case if they LU 177 will bring me down To where I was when I started it. But my PSA is on the right Trajectory right now. I have not really cut back on sugar, but try not to eat a lot of it. I’m more of a savory person. I also take Metformin daily to keep sugar levels in my blood low.

Hope it keeps up for you. It dog therapy. Always great.

Good to hear good news, just keep moving forward.

hello GreatJohn, thanks for sharing your good news. LOVE the photo ! but since it's not food, can we talk fabrics? was thinking this a.m. (before seeing you in Indian garb) about "Madras" cotton and how it would be perfect for a high dew point day like we are supposed to have today. take care.

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greatjohn in reply to msnik

Trust me, They know what they’re doing in India .it was so hot when I was there I thought I would die ..I would get covered in sweat and then it blows the breeze and the fabric it was dry.!🥰

I am happy for you! With the blood transfusion, you will feel better!

nice to hear good news from you...yay! 🎉🎆

13 days ago I saw your post "I'm home". 13 days ago I read your post, all your posts and my spirit found yours. 13 days ago I wrote "I think you are extraordinary and if there is a miracle with your name on it which I am sure there is may it appear to bring you strength". I guess your name was in BOLD letters.

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greatjohn in reply to Vindog29

Thank you so much!

My thoughts are with you greatjohn. Glad you share the encouraging news.

Happy to hear the news, and that your spirits are up! Good luck with the infusion.

Happy for you and wishing you more!

Happy to hear such great news John, love your picture too.

So pleased that you are elated. Wonderful photo as everyone else has said. Nothing better than being with your loved ones. Not trying to hijack you r great post but I know how you feel about dogs.

We are likely to be getting another little lover, a red Poodle. Damn the cost! He was just returned to the breeder for reasons not related to him. The breeder breeds for temperament and she did a great job on our Saffron. He is also gorgeous and we are not sure we want the constant attention when we are in the public but fuck it, we are rarely in the public.

It is said that it is not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog. Keep fighting Big dog John

Nice to hear the good news...

Whew! I am really glad to hear of your good news. I was confident that your marrow could be “mended “thru transfusions but I was concerned about PSA progression.

You’re on a roll towards at a minimum some stabilization I would think. I am looking forward to seeing a continual drop in your PSA.

Thanks so much for keeping us posted. You are in my thoughts and as you can tell in the thoughts of so many of us here.

Like everyone else I am SO happy for you. Praying that you just keep getting better!!

Wonderful!! To your immune system: keep it up 🎸

Great update! Thanks!

John,Yes, good news is good news. Your good Attitude is everything. Pull from the positive energy of this forum. Mike

So very pleased to hear that your PSA has dropped, quite significantly Lets hope you regain all your strength so you can have more of the treatment and kick this cancers arse !!God bless you and your other half, and of course Sparky !

We all love good news on this forum, so keep it coming xx.

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greatjohn in reply to 16starsky

Thank you so much! You’re too kind.

This is such good news!!! So happy for you!

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greatjohn in reply to p00vjor


Glad to hear this!

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