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Flaxseed oil, Omega-3's and lignans - good or bad with PCa?

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So I'm a little mixed on flaxseed oil given the research I've done and my Care Oncology Advisor's advice to switch from cod liver oil (too much vitamin A) to flaxseed oil. I do grind my own to put in my yoghurt/oats/etc. which includes the lignans, but flaxseed oil does not. This article keeps me on the fence of the unknown: oncologynutrition.org/erfc/...

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I toast them and add to my morning porridge. It adds a nutty flavor.

"Fun Fact" - linen is made from the stalks of the flax plant. I used to condition new baseball gloves by rubbing them with "linseed" (linen -seed) oil from the hardware store and tying it with a baseball inside. Whenever I smell food-grade flaxseed oil (they cleverly renamed it), I think of hardware stores rather than food - I find it distasteful.

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We conditioned our gloves the same way with linseed oil, I'd never thought of consuming it then. Nice rebranding to flaxseed oil for food grade eh?

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Hey T_A,

Linseed oil is also used as a paint additive.

A friend who has passed, a generation older than I, spoke of working at his uncle's painting company after school as a child. He spoke of mixing the paints with the "turp", pigment, powdered lead and boiled linseed oil!


pjoshea13, did some studies, and posts on your question---message him--he has studied this more than I---personally, I have taken the track to avoid Flax, And I stick to just DHA Supplementation.


I have use milled flaxseed on my oatmeal, not only good for me but also helps with constipation, keeps things moving.

My recollection was that Dr Myers had a great deal of opposition to flax seed oil.

I think it was because of high levels of arachnoidic acid.

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Yes he told me that also- he wrote a study re this

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Was it the arachnoidic acid?

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Yes that was it I believe

I've seen conflicting 'evidence' and conclusions - if in doubt, I leave it out.

I used to take a LOT - now I do minimal Omega3 ................. I've found other 'supplements'

that I think are better for PCa than flax IMO.

Too much Vitamin A? I go out of my way to get A, first using cod liver oil and beef tongue, on organ meat, but have recently changed to canned Icelandic. Cod Liver and this last month to grass finished beef liver which I can now get from Whole Foods and make with Shallots and Balsamic Vinegar from a recipe from the Weston A . Price Foundation.

Dr Price discovered the synergy between Vitamins A , D and K2.

And that western agriculture has resulted in low levels of these as well as magnesium.

You can get too much A from polar bear liver, not from ordinary foods.

Interestingly, Dr Price is widely admired by authors of books in the low carb community, but the processed food companies have hit pieces on him on the internet.

I don’t use flaxseed oil - I do use ground flax seed since my diagnosis (G8) in 2003 -

Hey HerbieP!

Dr. John McDougall who put together the vegan diet followed with great success by Dr. Ruth Heidrich for her breast cancer and the metastases cautioned against using oils.

cesces mentions that Dr. Meyer said that flax oil shouldn't be part of one's diet. Thank you cesces!

I make a blended drink using spring water. The seeds and nuts I add are, chia, flax, black and golden sesame, sunflower, pumpkin, walnut, pecan, almond and maybe a little raw wheat germ. For the aminos I add some Solgars Brewers Yeast, Sun Warrior organic protein, Sun Warrior organic, vegan, collagen for ligament, tendon, and joints, some moringa, some goji, raw cacao, Green Vibrance, some beet powder, creatine--(boosts T cell strength)--, at least 5 ounces and often 10 ounces of frozen blueberries and either some black cherry concentrate or organic, frozen, black cherries. I add seeds one type at a time, the chia sitting on the water for a moment and then gently pulsed to prevent them from "climbing" the sides of the carafe. As more ingredients are added I increase the speed of the blender.

The seeds and nuts are germinating foods, capable of growing another plant. They are the powerhouse of the organism. I am considering adding black cumin seed to the drink. Blending opens the seeds up making the nutrition more available. The temperature should be kept low through the blending to protect the nutrition. The friction caused by the blending the mixture will raise the temperature more than exposure to the ambient. I keep the carafe in the freezer and most of the other ingredients in the refrigerator. The frozen blueberries drops the temp at the end.

Having worked in the specialty chemical and pharmaceutical industries oils, expensive oils, used for blending pharma products are constantly tested for peroxide values. An expensive oil will be trashed when it exceeds the peroxide limit. Keeping an oil at room temperature and flushing atmosphere from the container whenever opened to extract oil with nitrogen ensures the oil's longevity. The only control I have in my kitchen is temperature. I keep the ingredients refrigerated. Seeds and skins are a way that nature "packages" nutrition.

I first made this drink with most of the seeds and some oils starting in 1981. The drink and the ingredients have changed over the years to meet what I consider the nutritional support my body needs.


I was diagnosed with PC after a biopsy in 2007 and was told that as it was just beginning I had time to decide whether to do surgery, radiation, or chemo. I did none. I started my research on nutrition and cancer treatments and discovered Joanna Budwig and her flaxseed oil and cottage cheese/quark smoothie.30 ml flaxseed oil+ 60 ml cottage cheese + 60 ml water. Blend until all traces of oil are gone then add blueberries or raspberries etc and beetroot juice (oxygenates the blood) or pomegranate juice to make the smoothie drinkable.

Back in 2007 this worked and PSA dropped back into the black. Unfortunately PSA is rising again. An ultrasound showed my prostate to be double normal size so I'm hoping its this rather than the return of cancer. Just had an MRI and get the results tomorrow. I have been eating real healthy foods with anti-cancer research. There is a FB page called the Eden Prescription which focuses totally on PubMed research on foods that kill cancer cells. Worth searching the foods that kill prostate cancer cells.

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Chocolate chip ice cream (two scoops).

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

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