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How's your whiskers after ADT?


I've been on Casodex and Eligard for about 10 months now. My beard has virtually stopped growing and my skin is pushing out ingrown hairs. I was wondering how others on ADT are fairing with their whiskers, 🤔 DD.

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Whiskers are fine so far, all other body hair not so much. But thats kit necessarily a bad thing.

That’s sucks Dosey! I think that I now shave much less often than before ? No in grown thankfully. Lost arm pit hair and 97% of body hair . Also lost the BO ...

Look at the bright side. You don't have to buy deodorant.

I didn't know that penguin's had whiskers

Doseydoe in reply to SPEEDYX

Waterproof too👍

SPEEDYX in reply to Doseydoe

Iceproof...too bad not shark proof

j-o-h-n in reply to SPEEDYX

They shave off all their facial hair daily cause the sharks want them always "dressed to kill".

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Saturday 09/12/2020 7:15 PM DST

SPEEDYX in reply to j-o-h-n

Formal Attire...worn by all

depotdoug in reply to j-o-h-n

Did not know sharks dislike hair with their daily flesh meal. Should I look that up or go find a shark?

SPEEDYX in reply to depotdoug

There is a Shark that loves hair though...Check out the hairshark!

Cosadex made my chest and body hair to disappear. I stopped shaving. Cosadex stopped working after a year. Been on Zytiga 3 years and shaving again. Body hair hasn’t come back.

ADT drugs will do that. When I was on zytiga and then xtandi I only had to shave about every 3 days.

After lupron and chemo and etc. mustache and eyebrows are almost nonexistent. No arm pit hair. Most of head hair came back and changed back to original color. Body hair came back. No need to shave every day.

j-o-h-n in reply to monte1111

Nose hair gone

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Saturday 09/12/2020 7:17 PM DST

carlo8686 in reply to monte1111

You mean you went from gray to your color. That would sell for a bunch.

Lost all hair on body. Some has come back, thin white baby hair on head. Beard now only beneath jaw line, thin and short except on neck, thin and up to 3 " there. No BO. Arms, underarms, legs, crotch all very thin and short. Had big pony tail and beard onto chest before aPc.

Doseydoe in reply to Shooter1

Such a shame ADT robs us of our Mojo 😎

Sorry about those drug related issues y'all are dealing with.

My Castration = "Gone in Sixty Seconds" = 10 pound (0.714286 stone) loss in weight and much-MUCH more comfortable bicycling + no drug issues

Only good part of this crap. Much less shaving

Like others , although Zytiga and zoladex only , 5 years on slow patchy beard growth (no moustache growth , weird !). Body hair gone from almost gorilla to virtually none and as others have said, no BO. I used to sweat under the arms a lot , now I never sweat or smell and have not used deodorant for 5 years however sweat from under my man boobs and head frequently , hot flushes how I love them !

I've lost about 95% of all body hair but beard still grows go figure. I'm on Zytiga, with six month Eligard.

While on Eligard for first few years of ADT, and then on Lucrin, whatever my hair did was of zero concern, and no worse than what a normal ageing man has happen as youthful hair becomes replaced by old man's hair. During 5 shots of Docetaxel over 15 weeks, all my hair seemed to disappear, and toe and fingernails began to shorten as they prepared to go.

But hair all came back after chemo, and I need to shave, although its nearly all grey. But life sure ain't a fashion parade and I ain't a ever been a fake kind of dude who feels he must put on the agony and put on the style, to look good for everyone else.

I look healthy physically, and although many may judge me to be a raving lunatic, I don't care about that because the few ppl who get to know me realize I ain't a lunatic.

ADT destroyed any chance of any sheela ever wanting to touch me again, and none have, so for me, I use a hair clipper to keep hair very short so I don't look like a wind-blown palm tree with grey fronds.

I iz wot I iz, and take me az I am. Fashion jus' don't matter, but I do have a good body shape, same weight of 77Kg as I was at about 25, bit more fat, bit less muscle, but still able to cycle 200km+ a week between age 62 and 73. Who cares about hair?

Last sheela whose behaviour was very deeply touching in 2010 was a hospital registrar doctor in training in radiation department, about 30, who could have easily been Miss India, ie, "drop dead gorgeous" and before I had EBRT to check on size of PG due to ADT, she gave me a good Digital Rectal Examination with middle finger up me bum as far as possible, with a twirl around. All in a daze werk, eh. I doubt she took the slightest bit of notice of who I was, and what I looked like; it wasn't her job to be all friendly with Pca patients. She just did her job.

I cycled 208km this last week at 73yo. Hair still needs to be kept short, and I need to shave.

If you don't much like all this then maybe get a wig, and in 1650, wigs were an extremely important fashion item for the rich who could afford elaborate wigs to allow a man or woman to hide his / her aging and look younger than he / she really was. The poor had neither wigs or any fine clothes, and so social status was shown by how much your clothes and false hair had cost. Such dreadful vanity, eh?

Just look at the old paintings of rich ppl who had their family painted so show how well off they were in 1650. Such a pile of BS behavior. They wore all that wealth due to work by many slaves. A bloke or a sheela can look good at any age, if he/she/it does enough exercise, keeps a good figure, and has a good sense of humour and is mainly free of vices, and silly beliefs.

Patrick Turner.

Have a few whiskers growing very slow. But my beloved mustache won’t grow at all 😢😢😢. Also lost all the hair under my arms. But I’m alive and fighting the monster 🙏🙏🙏

Facial hair still pretty good after 6+ years ADT and Xtandi, body hair not so much, makes it easy to put sunscreen on, so ya, there’s that.

After chemo 5 years ago hair in my head grew back with a vengeance, bald spot almost gone on the back of my head that I had prior to chemo.


Doseydoe in reply to EdBar

Bonus hair!! Outstanding Ed👌😎

I shave my head so that is not a concern. facial hair is good but not shaving but every other day. The hair on the rest of my body is gone or in the process of leaving. The girls in the office are fascinated by my hairless legs and often times ask to feel them because they are so soft. Guess that is a benefit. Lol

Just noticed I seem to have some fuzz on my arms that was missing for about a year. My last Lupron shot (18 months) was April 2nd, so I guess something may be starting to recover. Next PSA/T reads are in a few weeks so I guess we'll see

Doseydoe in reply to Don_1213

Here's wishing you a low PSA, 😎DD.

On Eligard for 11 months.

The hot flashes (I live in Arizona, hot) are a bitch. My hair & beard growing perhaps faster.

I did experience the hair follicles on my chest turning in to small sores. Looked like a rash, lasted 3 months, now almost all healed.

Beard and mustache still grow at their normal rates, as well as head hair. 95% of body hair is gone, and it's interesting to hear about others' BO / deoderant experiences - I'm going to try skipping and see how it goes. I've had cyclist friends give me a hard time about lack of leg hair, and ask if I'm shaving my legs to get that tiny bit more speed on my rides - which is sort of an inside joke at this point.

On Xtandi and Lupron for 6.5 years. Lost bodily hair. Mustache doesn’t grow; beard as well as head hair normal growth. Sex life gone. Overall quality of life “good enough” for an 80 year old man.

Shooter1 in reply to afab

My mustache still grows---almost as well as a 12 yr old, but white.

On Lupron for 9 months, Head and beard/mustache are normal here. Some body hair left. And I do have B.O. but my T is only 15.

doc1947g in reply to 5_plus_4

My T is 5.6 and I have been on Lupron Depot 22.5 mg/12 weeks X 2 since May 31st 2020.

I notice that my beard is slowing down and I am losing some of them as I comb my beard.

Bush down has almost disapear plus the area where my VMAT was applied.

Libido gone, my penis is shrinking , testicules too.

The OFFICIAL effect of the ADT should be ending on Nov 16 but I believe that the REAL effects are going to be much longer.

afab in reply to doc1947g

Me too

Doseydoe in reply to doc1947g

I feel your pain brother 😎DD.

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