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Rising PSA after Prostatectomy

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Hello All,

This is my first time posting on this platform but I've been following some of your life challenges for the last year, now I have one of my own. I had my Prostate removed on 30 Aug 2018 at the age of 55 with a gleason score 7. My PSA test 0.02 8/10/18, 0.03 3/1/19, 0.04 5/3/19. Starting to get very concerned. Can anyone give me some insight on what to do next.

Thank you!

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I’m in a similar position, Robgan1. I am trying to accept my position, view all of my options with a clear head, and make the best decisions I can. I am very blessed in so many other ways. I don’t have any other thoughts than these. Keep a smile on your face and best of luck to you!

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I will, thank you!

It is too soon to worry. Those are very low numbers, and there are lots of options to discuss with your MedOnc. Best to you.

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Thanks for your reply!

Let me guess....your Urologist says sit tight... I'd go see an RO and see what he says...

All the best,


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Haven't spoke to my doctor yet. I'll be contacting him on Monday.

welcome Robgan1, what stage pc were you initially ? What does your Doctor say? Your PSa is still considered undetectable ... don’t panick .

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Prior to surgery my Gleason was 4+5 PSA 11.4

Burnett1948. I had similar numbers to you to start with to have a RP. When my PSA got to .4, I had 32 shots of salvage radiation about 4 years after my robotic surgery. I now find out I should have had this radiation when my PSA got to .1.

So keep a close eye on your PSA. I am now picking up that salvage radiation isn't the best way to go. But your PSA numbers are low . I think you are doing the right thing in finding out your options in case you need to get more treatment. I hope you won't have too.

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Thank you!

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Burnett1948. Robgan1 If you choose salvage Radiation take a course of hormone tablets before you start the radiation. I didn't and I regret it very much.

Hello Robgan1,

If you have a recurrence, and if it's local (i.e. in the prostate bed), then salvage radiation can very possibly cure it. I suggest that the next step for you is to find the best radiation oncologist who is available to you. That can take some time so, even if you don't want radiation yet, it's a good idea to get your options lined up so that you will be able to get the best treatment with the best speed when you decide it's time. As with most things medical, there is a difference between capable, experienced, committed radiation oncologists and just average ones. And remember for every above average one there's probably a below average one, so look for a good one!

Best of luck.


Cheers Alan!

Please read the answer I gave to JavaMan here:


His PSA is higher than yours, however.

My story is similar - Gleason 4+3 at 56 & PSA after RP was 0.3 & 0.8 three months later. I am now 71. After the surgery failed, I felt that my one chance of a cure was gone & I might not get to 60. I have never been in remission & may die of the disease, but I'm shooting for 20 year survival in 2024. Always nice to have a goal.


Right on

See TA’s link

Not to hijack, but do you have any pain?


Greeting Rob, Following is a reminder to be sung to the tune of YMCA., Ready, Set, Sing.

"Gonna watch my P- S- A". (repeat as needed).

Good Luck, Good health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Monday 03/11/2019 2:12 PM EDT

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