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Initial PSA 209 stage IV with bone Mets and 4 years + Later Still Undetectable


Hi Battle Brothers:

As my title states, it has been 4 years + 2 months since a miserable initial DX of 209 PSA and bone mets (November 2014) and here I am today still undetectable with all good labs as of today...Still on monthly Degalerix (Firmagon) HT shots and daily 50 mg of Casodex...Added Prolia in December for minor bone density loss due to HT. Initially, I initially never thought this result would be possible, but with a positive attitude, everything is possible.

I also occasionally post in Health Unlocked under the name GEOP

I am thankful and want to let you all know that together we can and will fight and curtail this PC monster.

Cheers to all and a Healthy New Year

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You are an inspiration, I hope many read your post as there is life after a DX of Pca.


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what kind of life? Since I followed your advice to take Gator Blood I can't even walk outside without having to fight off this damn Gator.


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He looks like he is ready to give some blood--make sure you use the right size needle.


Wow. Nothing to say but: Congratulations! - Joe M.

Great news , thank you for sharing .

That is wonderful!

Congratulations, amigo...inspirational....Fight on !!!!

Hi there

Have you done four years continually on Firmagon?

I have done fourteen months with another five months or maybe more to go.

Best wishes,


you are very lucky...this is a ghost disease that can turn on a dime.

On Firmagon since day one. 4 years and 6 months now...The injection day and the 2 days after suck, but so far so good so why change...Yes Elvis, I realize that I am very lucky so far and realize that eventually I will become castrate resistant and will have a new battle to fight. I just hope that it is later than sooner

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