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Advanced Prostate Cancer

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Dad 67 years old diagnosed with stage 4 Prostate Cancer, with many bone mets.

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Hi everyone,

I have been lurking for bit and thank you for all the generous advice and experience shared. It helps me a lot and makes this journey less lonely.

My dad is diagnosed with Stage 4 Prostate cancer in Sept 2020 with Gleason 9 and psa 116, with many bone met spots nothing on organ.

currently he is on hormones therapy and its given Zytiga Abiraterone.

The last check up show his psa dropped to 0.16 in Mid Jan.

However he experience some backpain he describe its not intense pain however like heating and ticklish pain. Also sometimes he couldn't hold his urine in time. Are these symptoms he experiencing normal?

Also I would like to know if there's any advanced prostate cancer caregiver would like to talk and share their experience please give me a dm.

Thank you all for spending time to read.

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Men with bone metastases are very anxious about back pain. Maybe it's metastases, maybe not. A bone scan may show it if it is, but it is doubtful at his current PSA. Is his bone alkaline phosphatase also low?

Urinary problems can increase as the cancer progresses. Usually, it's retention and passing of blood clots. He can discuss prophylactic prostate therapy with his oncologist.

thank you, i'm currently not sure about the alkaline phosphatase info but will check with the doctor upon the next check up. thanks for the advice!

Be sure to get a separate bone ALP.

Vague back pain and mild urinary frequency are most likely not due to Cancer specially when his PSA is so low (0.16) A very very low PSA like this means that at this time almost all of his androgen sensitive Prostate Cancer cells are dead. Vague aches and pains and some frequency of urination are not uncommon in PCa people and does not indicate worsening of PCa unless Bone Specific Alkaline Phosphatase is elevated and scans show new mets.

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thank you for the information, i am not sure about the alkaline phosphatase yet will check with his doctor the next round.

i was diagnosed with stage 4 prostrate cancer PSA 280 Gleason 9 also age 67. I am now 73.Started on Zoladex injections which I am taking every 3 months till today. My levels went down to .02 and stayed there for 3 years before rising again to 170. Xtendi was then added and my dropped to .02 . In the last 3 months of 2020 it has started to rise again. I did not experience any side effects I couldn't live with ,fatigue ,loss of appetite etc. I am telling my story to give you hope that your treatment if all goes well will add at least 6/7 years to your life.

So stay positive and dont let the little things stress you out..

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thank you for sharing your experience! it meant alot to me. let's stay postive and keep fighting on this battle!

I recently had a bout of back pain and I was also paranoid PSA 0.3 After various scans it was confirmed

General bone degeneration

They said it was normal ware and tare

Actualy my vertebrae was very well preserved

I friend recommended beginners yoga and specific stretches for the lower back

So glad I took his advice

My first week I did ad much as I could before stopping

One month now the pain totally gone and I have found a nugget for life

Yoga and meditation are really helping me deal with everything

If we lie and sit all day without any form of exercise especialy if we were active before is laying your bed for back pain

Very unlikely its PC with a PSA of 0.16

Welcome to this forum. His symptoms may be from spinal nerve issues related to back issues other than cancer. So this needs to be sorted out with imaging. The best would probably be an MRI with gadolinium contrast and might be combined with CT scan. This will permit clarity of the cause and whether due to a metastatic site or other cause. You can get connected to other caregivers via the organization Cancer Hope Network. Contact numbers online. Very good and trained volunteers for support of both pagans caregivers.

I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer , it had spread to my spine , hips and pelvis , my PSA was 78 , Zytiga and hormone therapy worked for a year , PSA went down to just around 3 , I had trouble holding urine as well , the lower it got the easier my bladder control became and it is really good right now , I had pain at times in the spots where the cancer was , needing radiation on my spine to control the pain , I am now on my 7th round of chemo , sounds he is doing well , that is a remarkable drop for his PSA , and its great that the Zytiga is still working .....I would love to still only be on those therapies , so few side effects compared to chemo .....good for him

Worry less .... eat more waffles......

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

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