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High cost of Xtandi - any ideas?

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Hello - I have been reading this forum for awhile and want to say first how impressed I have been with this "band of brothers". Kudos to you all.

My husband has stage 4 advanced prostate cancer - at diagnosis he was 53 his PSA was 22 Gleason 4 + 3. His cancer is in his bladder with some in nearby lymph nodes. He just turned 65 and is going on Medicare this month - has also added the Plan D supplement. Blue Cross Blue Shield Alabama. He has been told he would have to pay 2,800.00 monthly to continue Xtandi.

PSA now is 4! So happy to finally see his numbers go down. He has filled out the form from the manufacturer of Xtandi that his Doctor gave him and we are waiting to see if that will help with costs.

Does anyone here have any advice? Tips? Many thanks.

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No - but thx!

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In my Advantage Plan Part D maximum per year is $5500 after that Xtandi is basically no cost

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we are going to check that out - thank you

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Hopefully, Astrellis will give you the help you need...If not, choose a Medicare Advantage plan with the lowest 'maximum out of pocket cost..There are MANY plans out there..


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thank you!!!

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initial phase, you pay around 2700.00 depending on whether you have a deductible.since cost is 11,000, you go thru to castastrophic phase the second month thru the 12 month and pay 5% of negotiated plan cost, probably 560.00 per month. They quoted me 8100 per year.

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things are looking better - thanks so much!

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I would suggest that he try to get into an Xtandi clinical trial. I’ve been in one for 3 years at Kaiser at no cost for Xtandi.

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We are in South Africa and we were told Xtandi costs ZAR 1000 per tablet. So around ZAR 30000 rand. USD 2800 sounds correct. We have not tried it yet as my husband is going through chemo. Perhaps that will be the next line of treatment for him if the chemo does not work this time. It is alot of money. My husband is also 65 with similar diagnosis.

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There are clinical trials at NIH in Bethesda MD. They have combination treatments, Xtandi plus other things. They pay for the flight, and a stipend for food and lodging. You're required to make your first trip on your own. Everything on the medication end is free along with the blood tests, cat scans bone scans, PET scans, and MRIs. It may require him to fly there and back every 6 weeks. If he's working it might be too much but worth looking into. I've been getting my Xtandi there for 3.5 years.

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thanks so much! and thank you for participating in a trial

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Xtandi has a patient assistance program, you can go to their website for the phone number to call. There is a form to fill out to see if you qualify financially.


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I'm in Kaiser Senior Advantage Plan. Part A for everyone on medicare is $0. I Will be paying $135 a month for part B next year, Part D is $0 under Kaiser Advantage Plan. You have your treatment/drug co-pays. But if you are an unfortunate wretch like me you may qualify for low income Medical Assistance Program and pay essentially $0 for everything. $20 month premium for Kaiser No. Ca. There may be issues if you want to switch plans so be careful. Probably doesn't help you, but may help some one out there.

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My husband and I are both on Social Security but still make too much to qualify for Kaiser's Medical Assistance Program. We are able to have a fairly normal life since we have no house payment, but nothing extra to speak of. We have to very carefully monitor our money and lifestyle ... so I can't imagine how people are living on SS low enough to qualify for assistance. (Not if you live in California, where everything seems to be more expensive.)

Have your doctor contact Xtandi Solutions. They can help with costs.

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