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Advanced Prostate Cancer

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64 year old - Stage 4 Metastadized Prostate Cancer Patient at MDA


I am 64, was diagnosed with prostate cancer on July 3, 2018.

Had bad experience with the HMO assigned urologist. Thank God for his nurse. As we walked out of the office she handed me my LabCorp biopsy results. I went home and began researching my results and became very alarmed. I realized that I was dealing with a very aggressive form of cancer - Gleason 8 and PSA of 69. The urologist never told any of that to us.

Made decision to get into MD Anderson as soon as possible. Took about a month to get insurance approval. We live in SoCal and had to get Cigna approved for Texas.

Was assigned to the famous, or with some patients, the infamous, oncologist that goes by a single letter in last name.

First appointment was on Tuesday. Numerous tests were scheduled for rest of week and I was scheduled to return for appointment the following Tuesday.

However on Thursday, I underwent a full body bone scan. Was at lunch when phone started blowing up to get back to onconologist office. Once we arrived we were told the bone scan revealed the the cancer has metastasized into my bones and the lymph nodes in my hips. Sternum, rib cage, spine and other places showed up as well as hip lymph nodes

That same day I received hormone therapy shots - 2 - into my abdomen In September I started on Lupron and Zytiga with prednisone.

Now in my fourth month. My PSA which had increased from 69 to 90 by the time we got to MDA is currently under 1. I am expecting bone and CT scan in either January or February.

I am cautiously optimistic but also realize most of you have a wealth of more information about your case and your meds. I only know what I can find from sites like this one. My doctor doesn’t really go into much details or talk about what the future may hold

Thanks to all of you for sharing your stories. Your info is of great assistance to me

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Eleni Efstathiou? You can say the name, especially since you are getting such good care. I'm glad you had such a good response.

Are you sure you want to know what the future might hold ?? Sometimes you are better off concentrating on the NOW and not worrying about what MIGHT happen tomorrow...Enjoy tomorrow, don't worry about it..

Terrific response! Don't worry about them not saying what the future holds. None of them has a clue and the honest ones admit it. The consensus of the oncologists at Kaiser was I'd be dead by now. Most inconsiderate of me to be still here and feeling good.

Forget about what the future may hold, but have him talk about the details. If he doesn't want to talk then kick him in the giblets and see if he groans. Don't forget he's not doing his job out of the goodness of his heart, he's getting paid (and good too). Sic 'em.

Good luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Thursday 11/29/2018 6:40 PM EST

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You got that right!


I’ve heard many stories of urologist off color comments or dismal predictions.. Mine told me “ I can’t make any money off of you because you’re non operable.”. so I let him chop my balls off a year later, and he was happy.. He also said that I’d be dead 6months ago no matter what.. Now. My non PC specialist (he’s a hemotolgy onco) says “You’re cured”! I’ll stick with the new guy . Although he’s talking out his arse ..I’m still on adt meds and there is no cure for #4 APC .. if we’re lucky enough to live past dismal diagnosis then we live with APC til the end or until something else gets us first.. Live long and prospet✌️

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Good luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Saturday 12/01/2018 11:55 AM EST

There are so many new treatments Doctors don't know how long we have. I was told I probably would not die from my cancer (advanced stage 4) now it is sometimes like a chronic disease your never curred from.

Larry E

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