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Does anybody use Kombucha tea?

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Does anybody use Kombucha tea or have any views on it? There's some evidence of anti prostate cancer properties:

Biomedicine & Preventive Nutrition. Volume 3, Issue 1, January–March 2013, Pages 53-58. Biomedicine & Preventive Nutrition. Down Regulation of signalling molecules involved in angiogenesis of prostate cancer cell line (PC-3) by kombucha (lyophilized) Authors: Thummala Sriharia Biomedicine & Preventive Nutrition. Volume 3, Issue 1, January–March 2013, Pages 53-58. Prostate cancer like other solid tumours is also angiogenesis-dependent. The development of prostate cancer is a multi-step process, advancing from high-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN) to focal carcinoma, then to invasive carcinoma and finally to metastatic disease. In this study, we examined the anti-angiogenic effect of kombucha on angiogenesis stimulators/regulators (gene expression of human inducible factor-1α, vascular endothelial growth factor, interleukin-8, cyclooxygenase-2, and matrix metalloproteinases) in human androgen-independent prostate cancer cell line. Kombucha remarkably inhibits the angiogenesis through the alterations in the expression of angiogenic stimulators. Our study demonstrates that kombucha significantly decreases the survival of prostate cancer cells by downregulating the expression of angiogenesis stimulators. These findings suggest that kombucha may be useful for the prostate cancer treatment/prevention.

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Nothing at all on PuMed for <Kombucha prostate> (including the paper you cite.) There are only 3 hits for <Kombucha cancer>, including "Kombucha: a dubious 'cure'." [1]

I don't recall anyone on any PCa site I have visited in 14 years ever mentioning Kombucha.

At this point there is no reason to spend much time on it, IMO.

About 30 years ago, my wife was given a "baby". A fad at that time. I didn't care much for the "tea", but my wife stuck with it for a while. Even passed on one or two babies. And then, suddenly, everyone seemed to lose interest.



From Mayo Clinic's Healthy Lifestyle

Consumer health website:

In short, there isn't enough evidence that kombucha tea delivers on its health claims. At the same time, several cases of harm have been reported. Therefore, the prudent approach is to avoid kombucha tea until more definitive information is available.

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

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