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New here, glad to find this group

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Well, here's my story. 66 years old, I was diagnosed back in June after a second biopsy, PSA 330, gleason 7 with indicators on bone scan and CT scan of lymph nodes. I started Lupron right away and Zytega/prednisone shortly after as soon as insurance allowed. My PSA dropped to 22 after a month, and continued to somewhere around 0.12 currently. Latest bone scan showed some reductions and another CT scan due soon with similar expectations.

I know I'm supposed to be positive, and overjoyed with the improvements. Haven't had medical issues my whole life until last year when I was diagnosed with HepC and treated for same with Harvoni, and now this. Toss in our own batch of life's stress, add the side effects of ADT, and well, I guess I have some work to do in that department.

But I am, working on it, and thankful to know there is a group like this. I look forward to being one of those 'encouraging' too! I've read lots of encouragement already; thanks to you all for that.

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Welcome aboard---you can read others past posts, to start getting a feel for things.


According to this trial, radiation could provide a benefit:

Welcome. I’m 52 and sounds like we’re on a similar path. Peace.

Welcome. Your openness is admirable.

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I'm in! Stage 4, Gleason=9. 3bone Mets. Going on Year 7.

I hope I'm in the right group. Just got off of another group whose members were arguing "know all the facts, good, ugly, all" vs "just focus on the good things (aka head in the sand."

I'm a "all the facts" guy. Am I in the right forum?

Welcome to the group. Lot's fine folks here and a plenty of useful info and support.

Best way to minimize the mental and physical side affects is exercise. Especially resistance training (weight lifting) . Most times you won’t feel like it but do it anyway. There are many disagreements on this site but that is one area that had 100% consensus.


Welcome, you're doing what you need to do.

I know how you feel, annuals every year, urologist every 6 months then at 66 they slapped me in the face with stage 4 and Mets in the spine,ribs and lymph nodes, that was 26 months ago. Chemo,lupron and Xgeva shots . Starting to get some body strength back and memory as well. Hope you have a spouse or care giver to lean on. Don’t give up this monster is awful but not a early death sentence. I have read of several guys on this rag that are 5-12 years after diagnosis. No question that is stupid to ask. We will all talk and give you are two cents worth. Fight the good Fight

Welcome treetown! I am 58 and was diagnosed at 56 with a gleason 7, 2 bone mets and lymph node involvement. I was in a whole lot of pain and showing symptoms. I am also on ADT (Lupron and Zytiga), and my PSA has been undetectable since June of last year (3 months after I was diagnosed). I absolutely, by no means want to turn your post about me, but wanted to mention, that when I came in, I was pretty beaten up, and, learning from this community (much more than my oncologists), gave me the knowledge and confidence to plan my own course vs what was presented to me. Also, to echo what Schwah mentioned, exercise is absolutely the key. I pretty much don't listen to my body and get out as early as I can, walk, ride my bike, and hit the gym, every day of the week. I can honestly say, if I exercise, I am no longer tired for the rest of the day. In addition, it seems to clear the mind. Good luck and welcome again!

to treetown: Greetings. You've come to right place for info and camaraderie. My stock questions: Where are you located and where are you being treated?

Good Luck and Good Health.

j-o-h-n Monday 10/22/2018 6:37 PM EDT

Welcome to the group. There's a lot to digest in a short period of time, and a lot of sadness and anxiety. We all have been there. The good news is that it'll all get better over time as you see the treatment results, and realize that you have a very long path ahead of you.

You are doing the right things with your systemic therapy. I encourage you to get involved in your treatment path, and be your own advocate. Build a team of competent doctors around you (cardiologist, urologist, radiologist, etc.), get your genetic profiling done, make sure you are being treated at a reputable cancer center, and learnas much as you can about the disease.

I too found exercise has healing power, both physically and mentally. In fact, there's a Phase3 clinical trial investigating the NECESSITY of proper exercise for better survival odds. Look into "multimodal" therapy (search it here on this forum - there's a plenty), and consider selectively adding supplements (read about Metformin and statins in particular).

Post your thoughts and questions. Chances are someone here has ben thru what you're going thru right now.

Take a breather. It's the beginning of a very long journey for you.

Many thanks to all for your kind words of encouragement and advice. I've been doing a lot of reading here, a lot to digest but it keeps my mind off 'other' anxieties at least <grins>. Trying to clean those up (those other anxieties), I'm quite sure they are of no benefit!

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