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Zytiga plus Dexamethasone


Anyone any had experience of this combination as a replacement for Zytiga/Prednizolone whilst on Zoladex please?

My PSA had remained stable around 100 -110 for 6 months but then rose swiftly to 236 over 2 months! So, last week, one CT scan and one bone scan later I am being advised by my MO 'No measurable movement to bone mets, no other signs of spread, bloods fine, you are fit and otherwise healthy'. 'We could replace the Prednizolone with Dexamethasone as this sometimes has the effect of squeezing the last out of the Zytiga'.

Any views?

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I had seen a study on using dex instead of prednisone when zytiga fails.

What other therapies have you done? I am wondering why not xtandi or chemo?

Here is the study on adding dex to zytiga.


sedgley in reply to Dan59

Thanks Dan. No chemo yet. No bone treatment other than SABR when only one rib met was known.

Sorry Dan59. Just found your link of 6 months ago which is useful!


They gave me dex instead of prednisone. They are somewhat similar.


I switched to dex after reading about a study on this site. Even my Onco did not know about it. My PSA was not falling with the original Zytiga+ Prednisolone. We were shocked to learn after 15 days PSA fell from 13.7 to 4.6. I will be doing a PSA test in 2 days time again after a month on it and will be posting the results.

I hope you are continuing to experience positive results from Zytiga + Dex. I just started this combo 1 week ago. Will have updated blood work in 3 weeks.

I had it similar. Zytiga and Prednison worked for me for only six months. Then the PSA started rising again. My oncologist puts on Docetaxel (taxotere). So far, I will have 4 doses and I can handle it acceptable

My onc has mentioned switching pred to dex if my PSA rises. I've been on Zytiga since December with PSA going down slowly from 68 to a current 27.

Dexamethasone is like Prednisone on steroids. If Zytiga starts to fail on Prednisone, my plan is to switch to Dex.

My MO just switched out Prednisone for Dexamethasone while still on Zytiga for past 6+ months. Will find out in 2-3 weeks if it is controlling my rising PSA from 0.12 to 0.38 since my RRP Nov 14. Did you switch?

I've discussed it with my doctor and he didn't want to switch me to Dexamethasone now because it hasn't been proven that it's better from the start.

He did agree to switch me after biological progression (rising PSA) and see what happens. He also reminded me that not everyone gets a positive response after switching. When Zytiga starts to fail, the plan is to first try Dexamethasone, then switch to Xtandi if that doesn't work or works and then stops working.

I wish to post an update on my status after switching to Dax. After one month on Dax, PSA dropped from 13.6 to 1.4. That was dramatic.

Good news!

How are you doing now? Dd you continue on Dexamethasone since your post 5 months ago? I wasn't sure if it a long or short term solution, possibly needing to go on to the next medication after Zytiga, such as Xtandi?

Posted earlier this week we're on Dexamethasone and xtandi early days, similar idea though. seems to be a lot of talk on forum about resenitising xtandi or zytiga with docetaxel or the likes. This is interesting I wonder if micro dosing docetax can have same effect?

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