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Frequent urination post Brachytherapy


Hi Everyone,

The doctor prescribed my husband 0.4 mg (once a day) flomax to take around bedtime to relax the bladder. However, it does not work. My husband has been taking this for about 10 days now and since the Brachy (last Friday) his urination routine has gotten out of control having to go the restroom on average 4 times each hour. We went to the movie today and my poor husband had to go to the restroom 7 times in two hours. Is there anything else that anyone can recommend besides Flomax? I'm thinking perhaps asking the doctor to increase his dosage to 0.8 mg (twice a day). I'm also concerned about the side effects that could ensue as a result of the increase, hopefully, nothing too bad, but I'm certainly hoping there is a solution out there to reduce his frequent trips to the restrooms.


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He can take up to 2 Flomax, but I found that Rapaflo worked well for me when Flomax didn't. Everyone responds differently. There are about a dozen of these kinds of medications (alpha blockers) available. He can ask his urologist if he has samples, so that he can find the one that's right for him.

The side effects are pretty much the same - hypostatic hypotension - which just means his blood pressure will drop if he gets up too quickly (i.e., he can faint if he jumps up from bed to stand at the toilet). This side effect goes away after a couple of days as the body adjusts. He should be careful about combining with other meds (e.g., ED meds) that lower BP.

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This is very useful. Thanks for that. I'll have hubby increase his dosage to two Flomax per day and reach out to his physician as well to find out about the most effective alpha blockers out there on the market. Also good to know about the BP side effects as I wasn't aware of it. I know hubby has been feeling a little more tired than usual lately, but other than the urine frequency, he's doing very well! Thanks again!

After my brachytherapy I could hardly urinate at all. The buildup was painful. I was prescribed Flomax. One a day didn't work for me but two a day did. I was still going to the bathroom about once per hour at night, but that's a LOT better than every 15 minutes to just get a dribble out. I was on 2/day for about 3 months or so. Then I was able to cut back to one a day, then one every two days. After about 5-1/2 months I was back to normal and off the Flomax.


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Thanks, Allen and everybody who responded! Taking two flomax per day made a dramatic difference, and I can't thank you all enough for taking the time to respond and sharing your insight!

I felt his pain! April 22, 2003, 117 Palladium Seeds and then 25 sessions of IMRT. Four things got me through. Besides if you can't empty the bladder, back on goes for a catheter. Although my script read one or two a day for Flomax, I found real quick that one every 12 hours for me worked the best. Doctor said that I could take two at one time or spread apart. Every 12 hours worked for me.

Second, was the advice of the Urology RN. Can't urinate or can't empty your bladder? Take Sitz Baths and relax and pee away in the water. I did this at least three times a day and before I went to bed. If I had difficulty at 3:00 am, back in the tub for 10-15 minutes.

Third, drink plenty of water. Do not fear having to pee. Keep the work works flowing. This from my now 100 year old WWII Army Nurse mother. Dehydration is your enemy as it will slow or shut flown your system. My Radiation and also my Medical Oncologist echoed. "Gee, if I don't drink water then I won't have to pee." Is a bad idea....

Fourth, cut back on Caffine. I limited myself to one cup of coffee and one soda water a day. Probably needed to cut out the soda water, but that is another story.....

For a year period, my friends gave be a hard time traveling in a vehicle for a couple of hours - meant that I needed to stop 3 or 4 times. Lol. Once on the 29 mile Atchafalaya Bridge traveling on Interstate 10 traffic came to a complete standstill. Yep, there I was with both doors open, peeing away...... Finally, I carried a Plastic Urination bottle with me when I camped (fir up to two weeks at a time) to keep from getting up and walking 50 yards to the facilities during the night. Just emptied each morning on the way to shower.

Oh, finally, always carry a change of clothes when traveling and a zip lock bag; particularly underwear. He will have accidents. Lol. Changed clothes in the Bern, Switzerland Airport once - and the one in Moscow, New York, etc. you never know when a delay will happen and facilities are hard to get to or non-existent.

It will all pass and hopefully there is no re-occurrence. Last piece of advice, if PCa comes back, do not hesitate, get chemo and kill the little bastards.

Note that I still take two Flomax caps a day, twelve hours apart.

Gourd Dancer

Thank you very much Gourd! My husband is now taking two flomax caps a day and this has made a wonderful difference thus far! God bless!

I also take 2 Flomax per day, as close to 12 hours apart as I can manage. I feel I still need to do this this 10 months post Brachy. Urination was a little rough the first few months, but has been getting better. I still get up to pee 2-3 times a night. I have a follow-up next month and I will consult about going forward. I was prepared for a gradual improvement, far so good. Side bonus of Flomax; the effect of lowering BP was timely for me. I was borderline hypertensive, and my BP has pretty consistently been 125/65-70. I'm hoping the dietary and exercise lifestyle changes I've made will keep my BP at a good level once I'm off Flomax. Good luck with your situation.

Take same doseage twice a day - first thing in the morning and then post dinner.

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