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Phase 1b-2 Study of Niraparib Combination Therapies for the Treatment of Metastatic Castration-Resistant PC


Anyone have any experience with this clinical trial? If my PSA continues to increase my doctor is interested in my signing up for this. I’ve been on the Prednisone, Zytiga, Apalutemide Clinical trial for 16 months but, alas, the s.o.b. Is starting to win again. I’m treated at MD Anderson in Houston and I would only be the second guinea pig for this.

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Daroludamide is supposed to be far superior to Apalutemide---this is according to the Head of Prostate Cancer at the Levine Cancer Institute---say's Apalutemide is just a baby step better than Xtandi.


gusgold in reply to Nalakrats

Darolutamide maybe somewhat better but once the beast figures out how to beat Zytiga/Xtandi you are on the express train to hell

Nalakrats in reply to gusgold

You are being very pessimistic---suggest you put some Bourbon in your Gator Blood, and add some Clonazapam for a smile.


scarlino in reply to gusgold

I guess it’s a good thing I’m going to heaven!!

Schwah in reply to gusgold

One thing I love about this site is the positivity and cordial discourse.. It’s good for all of us. Those type of comments are really counter productive in my opinion.


Kevinski65 in reply to gusgold

Use , ' thunder of God root extract' and Xtandi will last longer.

Also Xtandi or Zytiga need to be used with Lupron or degarilix or some other androgen antagonist.

scarlino in reply to Kevinski65

I have had Lupron continuously since cancer returned since 2015. Also Prednisone with the Zytiga and Apalutemide together as part of a clinical trial. That combination got my PSA down to 0.6. Stayed there for 15 months until it jumped to 2 last week. 15 months is nearly three times as long as any of the other treatment plans I’ve been on. Other than the tumor in the prostate I have only had pelvic lymph node involvement.

If this is the link describing the Trial, it looks like only MD Anderson, and Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia have started recruiting in the USA, and only 3 sites in Spain have started recruiting elsewhere in the world. Considering that this Trial is only looking for 60 participants, total, there may not be many others yet with any direct experience.

I would want to familiarize myself with the existing Full Prescribing Information for Niraparib while considering the decision, and whatever known/documented things are noted from prior studies. Maybe ask some more questions

"Eyes wide open".

Good Luck in whatever you may decide.


scarlino in reply to ctarleton

Thank you Charles. I have a copy of the Clinical Trial details and the list of side affects. I would prefer a study that has a good sized population pool in place, but this is a study including immunotherapy too so I am I interested from that perspective. I appreciate your response!

Howdy Scarlino, could you please PM me through chat about your doctor’s name at MDA? My doctor at Memorial Hermann has been mostly absent due to his own health issue for over a year, although I consider him to be one of the most outstanding PC researcher.

On your clinical trials I found three clinical trials:

1. NCT 03431350 (JNJ-63723283 + Niraparib) - recruiting state (prostate)

2. NCT035511782(JNJ-63723283 + Apalutamide) - not yet open (prostate)

3. NCT03357952 (JNJ-63723283 + Daratumumab) - not yet open (myeloma)

4. There is a fourth one, using the same JNJ63723283 targeted for urothelial cancer).

So it seemed that the key trial is JNJ-63723283, and this is an anti-programmed death monoclonal antibody drug, which I am interested in. I am at the cusp of mCRPC. Thanks

scarlino in reply to Cmdrdata

Hi, my doctor is Dr. Zarita at MD Anderson. I like him. He is very precise in his explanations and takes the time to compare my scans to relay any findings. I haven’t met a poor doctor there yet. They are all invested in research as well as clinical treatment.

Hello scarlino,

Did you sign up for this trial ? Yesterday my doctor recommended it to me.

Take Care,


scarlino in reply to MontyB

No they are doing a lymph node biopsy on me today, but that is my MO requesting. I believe because they have to wait until I stop medications for 30 days and a spot becomes available. Those two things need to work out schedule-wise in order for me to do it.

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