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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Cancer in bladder

I am an occasional poster but follow posts daily. Four years since diagnosis. On lupron zytiga xgeva. Had six sessions of xofigo. Mets in pelvis have cleared up but now tumor in bladderjust removed PSA rising to 6. Seeing radiologist today to see if I qualify. Had 42 sessions previously. Has anyone else had this progression? Recent bone and CT scans show all clear otherwise. Thanks.

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Hello George

It is my understanding that the bladder neck presses directly into the prostate and a spread of prostate cancer to the bladder is not uncommon.

It sounds like you've had some very aggressive treatment and are doing fairly well, all things considered. Best of luck with your ongoing battle.


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George, very similar events for me. On exgeva and lupron, cancer in bladder removed two years ago. Clear now, still have mets to bones. I am 82 and started this journey almost 5 years ago. Keep on trucking, I'm shooting for 90.


Thank you. Glad to know I’m not unique. Radiologist decided not to risk more radiation. He’s in close contact with my oncologist and I know I’m in good hands


Hello George, I've been on Lupron (Eligard - generic) for over 6 years and have had bladder issues as well. I have had 72 radiations over 11 years. At the bottom of my bladder (about every 6 months) I have tissue from my kidneys that blocks my bladder and requires a cystoscopy to open it up. So far no tumor in bladder. I often have to wear pads and occasionally I catheterize myself. Keep tells us about your PSA, because I am very interested in what happens. Thank you for tells us about your experiences.

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Thanks, Ill keep you posted. No more radiation for now


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