Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Update after PET

On 22 Jan, the PET with Axumin isotope revealed numerous malignant lymph nodes near prostate a a few near my kidneys. I see my MO on Thursday. I see Dr Vijay Putel, a robotic surgical prostatectomy expert at a Florida Hospital on 3/31. Not sure now what my options are... already scheduled for a orchiectomy on 7/7. The PSA dropped from 126 to 75 in 30 gays on Bicalutamide (30 days every day) and a 5 Jan Eligard Shot.

Not sure how much PSA matters at the moment with the metastatic SITREP. Got my catheter out and that’s my main bitch today, burning sensation in pelvis, like a bladder infection..., or is it just forcing urine through a knot hole? I hope that goes away in a few days as suggested by my nurse...

On a brighter note, my son Nikita, one of the top Kart racers in the world, won the inaugural Florida Winter Series Kart race setting a lap record twice in Homestead. And, he followed up with heat wins in Palm Beach this weekend, but we missed the carb setup a bit and he didn’t win. NEXT: on to the first round of the World Series of Karting (WSK) in Adria, Italy as the factory driver fir Parolin and representing the USA and Florida! Missing that race to focus on cancer doctor visits. Damnit...

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You might want to slow things down and get a second opinion from an Oncologist.

That you have metastasis is a whole new ball game and might inform your treatment.

A Surgeon may not be the right specialty to be taking a second look at things.


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