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PSMA PET scan results

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The bad news: There is new active metastasis at the bottom of my sternum and my prostate is showing new mild uptake. The good news: All of the metastasis that was found from my initial bone scan (skull, spine, ribs, pelvis, and femurs) seems to be gone or inactive.

We did the new scan because my PSA was trending up. It had gone from 0.2 in November to 1.1 in February. We also added Nubeqa to my Orgovyx treatments 8 days ago. Yesterday, my PSA was at 0.4. It is working.

I am also scheduled for radiation on the new active cancer.

Not exactly "win-win", but I will take it.

17 Replies

Better than a stick in the eye.

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Glad to hear it's responding quickly.

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It sounds like things are going in the right direction. That’s all we can ask.

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Maybe not a win-win, but definitely some wins in there. Also sounds like you've got a team that is willing to move fairly quickly when there's a change. All the best

I’m sorry pianodude! . It’s a hec a way to struggle . Rt i hope helps you . The old is gone and the new will be taken to the cleaners too. Keep strong.Get through this chapter and back to life.. keep punching until the bastardos run for cover. APC is a greedy disease. Keep the music going . Even if it’s a war chant against pc. “ leave me alone pc!” . We do what we are told by the docs. I’m praying for you to KO this bitch this time. Hang in there baby! 😎🙏🤙🏽

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Not sure about the mild uptake in the prostate.

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Pianodude in reply to Tall_Allen

The color on the image was in the milder range. I am a little nervous about having radiation to the prostate. I have seen a lot of horror stories about side effects. My MO said that they have gotten much better at precision targeting and there are less side effects.

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Tall_Allen in reply to Pianodude

The current PSMA scans are urinarily excreted so unless there is a clear signal, I'm concerned about false positives. Best to confirm with an mpMRI and/or biopsy. Radiation is no problem.

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Pianodude in reply to Tall_Allen

Thanks TA!

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dhccpa in reply to Tall_Allen

Is an mpMRI different from other MRIs done on the prostate? A more specific type than a "regular" MRI? Thanks.

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Tall_Allen in reply to dhccpa

Yes- 3 different types of MRIs are part of an mpMRI.

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dhccpa in reply to Tall_Allen

Thanks I'll ask my RO about it.

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tallguy2 in reply to Pianodude

The negative to having your prostate irradiated is that you are almost guaranteed complete incontinence if you ever have to have that prostate gland removed.

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I would save the radiation treatment for later and save myself from side effects and still live the area open for eventual future surgery especially if nubeqa is working and you do not have symptoms. I am not a doctor and I really don't know what was the rational of recommending you radiation? I myself wouldn't rush but maybe your doctors have more information than me now?

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That new metastasis at the bottom of the sternum: is that new metastasis for certain or simply mysterious uptake that might be explained by something else?

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The oncologist seems to think it was new.

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My Radiation of the Bed experience which I've posted many times before.

If you've read it before, then just ignore it......


I had 8 weeks of salvage radiation to "the bed". 5 days a week (not weekends) for 8 weeks minus 1 day for a total of 39 sessions at MSKcc. The actual radiation was like getting an x-ray by my dentist. I never had any side effects during the whole 39 sessions. However, 2 years later my left urinary tract was "fried" as per my urologist (or from passing prior kidney stones he was not sure). So, I had to have a urinary stent placed up my urinary tract (through my willy which is really nothing - sounds terrible but it's nothing) to aid in passing my urine (which was never a problem anyway). So I had stents in and out every three months for many years and now I'm stent free, However today 15% of urine from left kidney and 85% from right kidney, but not a problem. So make sure you get a good radiologist. Also, I don't know if this would apply to you but guys here recommend SPACEOAR HYDROGEL to be inserted for protection of parts of your body. Make sure you ask your R.O. about the spaceoar and make sure you ask here on this forum before getting fried.

Good Luck, Good Health and Good Humor.

j-o-h-n Sunday 03/20/2022 2:53 PM DST

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