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Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Hi, have been on the site for a few months now - very helpful to read other peoples comments and experiences, but thought I should really introduce myself ! My husband diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in Jan 2017, aged 43. PSA 72, Gleason 7 ( 3+4), spread to lymph nodes and one spot on ribs. He had 6 sessions of chemo ( Docetaxel ), and also monthly firmagon injections. PSA dropped steadily but never below 2. He then went to India for 6 weeks of tomotherapy, followed by a week of cyberknife. He was then also started on casodex, and the last PSA test a week ago was 0.73..... We are now hoping it stays there for a long time, and hopefully in the meantime some other drugs can be found to help beat this thing completely ! Hoping everyone is staying strong and positive and wishing you all the best.

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Good to see that everything is working out well for your husband. I'm sure good health will continue to follow him for many years.

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Good Morning blueeyes74,

You mentioned your husband going to India for treatment--where do you live?

At his stage in the battle, many Med Oncs use a triple hormonal blockade of Firmagon (or Lupron, Eligard, Trelstar), casodex, and Avodart.

If your husband is not taking all 3, ask your Med Onc. Mediterranean diet is recommended by many. If he is not taking a statin for cholesterol, ask Med Onc. The action of a statin can also help in prostate cancer remission.

If PSA starts to rise again, there are many drugs like Zytiga and Xtandi which can be used. Your husband is young and needs a Med Onc specializing in prostate cancer to give him the best odds of controlling his disease.

Best wishes. Never Give In.


Thanks for your reply vandy69. We live in Kenya, so decided India was the better place for treatment ( and also covered by insurance ! ). My husband has altered his diet - limited red meat and plenty more chicken and fish with colourful vegetables - and also cut out the beer ( although still enjoys a glass of red wine with soda water ! ).

Have not heard of Avodart - have done so much research on the drugs available but that is one I had not seen. The Med Onc. in India apparently already has a plan in place for when/if the current treatment regime stops to work, so we have faith in what he has planned....

We have a little girl who is about to turn 2, so there is definitely no giving in to this thing !

Take care

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Please keep us posted on the India options .. always interesting to hear what ideas they have.


Fight he good fight...Happy holidays.


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