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I am here for my Dad whom was diagnosed almost 4 years ago with Stage 4 prostate Cancer, Gleason 10, PSA 32 cancer mets located in right hip, lymph nodes, T11 spine, and 2 liver lesions. At the time of diagnosis my Dad was 60 years old and is now 64. When my Dad was initially diagnosed he was experiencing severe pain on the right side of his body that eventually landed him in the ER and then he was transported to NIH/Walter Reed for 10 days.

His PSA has gone from a 32 down to a 0.06 within 3 years and has remained a 0.06 for the past 9 months.

Despite his odds looking bleak initially he still manages to exercise everyday and 3 days in the Gym doing Cardio and lifting weights. He has always been a pescatarian and mainly eats fruits and vegetables.

The only symptoms I have seen so far this year is that he appears to be tired easily and complains of back pain on occasion, he also looses his balance if he gets up from the table quickly.

My Dad is very optimistic and somewhat in denial but I guess if this is what has been keeping him somewhat healthy then I am all for it.

My Dad has only been on Zoladex and briefly Casodex, also Degerelix in the past 4 years. He hasn't had a Cat Scan since 2013.

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First, it is good that your father has a son who cares.

It is also very good that he has now gone 4 years and remains hormone responsive despite the tumor burden you described. Although the literature says otherwise, many of us remain hormone responsive for a long, long time. We seem to be like the Every Ready bunny and just keep on ticking.

Lets hope that he continues to be a "bunny" and keeps on going. However, if he does stumble there are a number of good treatment options now available for him.


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Hi Joel,

Actually it his daughter lol my name is April and Scott is my last name. Thank you so much for responding to my post.

Yes it is good that he has responded so well, with all of the literature available online it always reads that higher Gleason scores have a difficult time and are lucky to be alive 5 years from diagnosis date.

Even his Urologist state his cancer was rare and aggressive. Although we all remain optimistic and positive at times it is still confusing .

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Yes, the literature says one thing, but often reality is different. I am hormone responsive and have been for over 12 years, the literature says that my time schedule is no more than 18 months, but I am multiples of that and still kicking.

We never know what is in our future, our goal is to make it as fun, healthful and as long as possible. We are not born with expiration dates stamped on our head!



As a fellow Gleason 10 who is 10 years out, Your Dad is doing very good to achieve such low numbers on his psa, mine never fell below 3, I wish him the best!And it is never giving up on a treatment too soon some months it is up a bit others it is down a bit, and he has so many more treatments now than we had in the past

best wishes


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Hi Dan ,

I read about your story prior to the website changes and your story is very inspiring.

Did you have bone involvement and lymph node when you were first diagnosed?




Hi April, Yes I did have bone and Lymph involvement at diagnose in sprinf 2006, my psa was 148 and I was 49 years old, they said in the pelvic area thoracic spine as well as some ribs,and in the Lymph nodes they thought at distant sites.

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You have done very well and I cannot wait to share your story with my Dad.

Thanks for your quick response.

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Hi April.

Your Dad is doing very well to have gone so long with such low PSAs on his hormone-based treatment. No doubt his very good diet and exercise are helping a lot, too.


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