Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing

Completed Round Ten of chemo yesterday. Going next week for CT scan & MRI. Glad to have a break from this stuff. Continuing with hormone shots (firmagon) & Xgeva.

On a happy note, my youngest daughter & I on the Feather River last week. She caught the biggest catch of the season (according to our guide) and made the cover of his website! 32 lb king salmon.

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  • Way to continue living life and enjoying it to the fullest!

    Stories like yours give us all hope and an example to strive for.

  • Thank you. Trying my best, this is one tough road.

  • Awesome moment for you both.

  • It sure was. Thank you.

  • Hank, Congrats on making it through 10 rounds, that is a tough go , I know!

    Thgat is one beautiful fish!!!


  • Dan I could have swore I replied to your message. Going thru again & I don't see it? It's me making mistake after mistake.

    Thank you about the fish. I am sorry this is late. I read your input to others, find you very informative & appreciate all your comments & insight very much.

    I am now getting graphix (spelled wrong) injections due to low white blood counts, mine at 100 when they should be 2000. Did u have this after your chemo? This is brutal-feel like I've been hit with a baseball bat. Had two so far, praying my counts tomorrow go up. Had to cancel scheduled pet scan too. Praying this too shall pass.

    My very best to you.


  • Thanks for the reply Hank, I did not have low whites while on chemo, I think the dexamethasone steroid kept them up, Is it nuelasta you are doing. I hope the whites stay hope for you. I have noticed that things I post sometimes do not make it, Maybe I press enter instead of the submit reply on this page. I hope you have a good day


  • Hi Dan,

    Thank u for your reply. I did nuelasta once at the beginning of chemo. I also took same steroid as you. Dr had me take two, then took me off prednisone, and I stayed on the dex steroid, one day b4 chemo, injected Day of chemo, then took two days following.

    Thank u again for your quick response. I go back today to get blood counts checked. Hoping those two shots did the magic, ha!

    Have a great fall day my friend.

  • Thanks Hank, Interestingly there is a trial where they use dex to reactivate the androgen receptor to make xtandi work again, I hope that works.

    Have a great day Hank, Most of my life I was a commercial salmon fisherman that targeted King Salmon, So I recognize the value of that fish.


  • That's the job I always wanted. Good for you! Just finished smoking the salmon. In between all this. Thank you for the info on the trial -I will check at my next week appt with oncologist. I have definitely been under the wether, hoping this too will pass.

    Sure appreciate all your replies. You have a lot of knowledge on this dreaded disease. I am so grateful for the web site. Such a good group of many with slot of good advice . Plus generally it helps (me) knowing I can ask anything.. and get good direction. Best to you Dan.

  • Weather**

  • It is good seeing a PCa warrior enjoying himself. What a great picture of you and your daughter. As an old fisherman, I know the excitement of catching a trophy fish. Your daughter can be proud of her fishing skills.


  • She sure is! It truly was a great day of fishing! Thank you.

  • Hey! You guys caught a giant!!

    Thanks Hankswhy 91 for inspiring the correct attitude towards this dreadful disease.

  • Dreadful it is. Some good days, others not so good. We are all just trying to do our best, right? Thank you for the kind message.

  • Terrific ! Thanks for the lovely picture and sharing with us a glorious moment.

    Good luck to you and your daughter!


  • Thank you very much. We will always remember this trip, especially the 32 lb king salmon she caught! Now smoking the salmon, although I have to admit not feeling as chipper.

    My best to all of you.

  • That's fantastic. A great start to my day. Thanks.

  • Well thank you! We grilled it & was pretty darn good! My best to you on this Sunday.

  • Nice catch Hank. Great picture of you and your daughter. Keep continuing in going about your business. You make us all proud.


  • Thank you Nick. Trust me, I have some not so good days too. This journey is up & down, fishing sure helps.

    Thank you for your kind words.

  • Thank you for posting! You have inspired us to plan some fishing trips and make them a regular habit. We have gotten into a bad habit of putting things off and next thing you know, it's the end of the year and "where did the year go, we didn't do anything fun." Going to work every day, watching the clock for the next supplement to be taken, worrying about the next PSA test...

    Time to get out and enjoy life!


  • Never watch the clock. Sometimes sometimes too early or too late for the sups. or I miss. And try to find mental states not to worry which might be worst than forgetting. Off my soapbox. Rocco

  • Yes Dave! That's my motto. Although today I slept most of the day! Other than smoking some salmon.

    We are all in this together, cheering each other on. So thankful I found this website.

    My best to you.

  • Captain Dave I meant!

  • Nice fish! Never been Salmon fishing, but it's obvious what I've been missing.

  • Fishing isn't for everyone, but maybe going along on the boat for the ride. It's serene, calm, and quite honestly Gods land (to me).

  • And, then you get a strike.

  • Don't forget to get a Gator.


  • Yikes

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