Night Horrors/Prostate Cancer

Have any of you experienced extreme nightmares/night horrors? At first I only had them at night after having Firmagon injections. There must be a cumulative effect because the problem has gotten worse as I have had more monthly injections. I've taken it for almost 2 years and my PSA has gone to 0.004. from advanced prostate metastasized to bones. Bone scan shows the 3 areas almost gone. So hate to quit taking Firmagon--but the nightmares don't stop at night. I'm no wimp but this is driving me totally nuts. I feel like I'm dying and am absolutely out of control of my mind and body. Talked to doctor today. He wants to switch me to Eligard. Any advice will be appreciated.

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  • I have only had one vivid dream on ADT (Lupron). Dreamed that I was kicking the winning soccer goal at the world cup. Woke up when my foot hit the bedroom wall. Kicked soooo hard that I left a dent and tore my big toenail off requiring a trip to the doctor the next day. Gladly not had any other dreams. Funny story to tell. Not much help for your situation but I hope you got a chuckle.

  • Strangely, I found I stopped dreaming on my Androcur-Lupron-Stilboesterol (sp?) regime. Dreams came back when I started taking reishi extract in addition, as a means to support my immune system. I cannot say that many are nightmares, but some sure are weird.

    Right now I am on Zytiga, and am having terrible problems sleeping at all. Getting to sleep at about 11.00 pm happens okay, but staying asleep is a challenge; I wake at about 2.00 pm to pee and cannot get back to sleep for several hours. Once I do, I once again sleep for only a very few hours. The few hours awake are awful -- an opportunity for unwelcome brooding.

    So, I catch what sleep I can as catnaps during the day -- which does not mesh well with having a job. I am resigning early in November to make sure I have some quality life with my wife and hobbies while I can.

  • Good Morning Brent,

    Like you, I was having many problems with sleep during multi drug ADT. Tried Ambien but went sleepwalking!

    Med Onc prescribed generic Xanax to be taken before bed and it is wonderful!! Talk to your doc and maybe it will work for you.

    Best wishes. Never Give In.

  • I had the same problem while on a clinical trial dealing with checkpoint inhibitors. When I passed the point where the study dropped one of the inhibitors, Yervoy, I got much better sleep. I am retired so I could just sleep later to makeup for the lost sleep. I would not have been able to hold a job while on the study due to its extreme side effects of loss of strength and stamina as well as the sleep issues.

  • I take lorazepam on occasion when I have trouble falling asleep. I've been taking melatonin for many years too. I had plenty of problems falling asleep when I worked for a terrible company. I am retired now and those stresses are gone. I recall having an issue with vivid dreams after being put on a new medication for my atrial fibrillation. That problem went away. Don't be shy communicating these issues to your doctor(s).

  • Thank you for the advice, WSO. I have tried melatonin (10 mg), but found it to be of little use. Last night, at my 2.00 am pee stop, I tried valerian, but that had me thinking strange thoughts for an hour or so before getting back to sleep. I think removing major sources of stress, which will (I hope) happen when I retire, will provide some relief. I see my doc tomorrow, when I shall be sure to mention this to him.

  • Hi TBird,

    This post is right up my alley. I've been a vivid dreamer since I was a kid. I've been scared shitless too many times to count. The best were when I was on Chantix while quitting smoking. On the other hand, I've had my fair share of pleasant dreams. I've been on Lupron for almost 8 years and it has made no difference in my dreaming. I hope a switch will help you find comfort.


  • I was a sleep walker when I was a kid. Imagine the horror of being trapped underground in a dark place and, in a panic, trying to find my way out. Wait, that is just me sleep walking in my bedroom. Never so glad to get my bearings, find the door knob, and realize I was just dreaming. This was before I got my six month eligard shot.

  • I once tried to piss in our fish tank, Ed. And, the sleep walking didn't stop as a kid. A few years back, we were in Myrtle Beach. As I came too, I felt my feet getting wet. I was relieving myself in the parking garage of the hotel, one floor down from my room. Of course I didn't have my glasses on, and I'm about blind as a bat without them. It was a real experience I wouldn't want to go through again. In hindsight, it's fun to laugh about it though.


  • Joe, I had a sleepwalking pee episode as a youngster. I can't top your stories.

  • I've had weird vivid and sometimes violent dreams as well. I punched my night stand two nights ago attempting to punch someone in my dream! Hurt like hell! I also have insomnia because of poor sleep and need a long nap daily due to fatigue.

  • I was on eligard for six months and I didn't have any significant problems with vivid dreams. It sounds like you have a nasty enough quality of life issue to try switching to a different ADT, like eligard.

  • Been on Lupron since June 2016 with no effect on dreams. That all changed when the MO added Zytiga and prednisone to the Lupron a year later. I started having very, very intense dreams. They are rarely nightmares but it was freaking me out on how real they were. I still get them every night but I am getting used to them. I kinda wish I could have a dreamless night.

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