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Weekly Blood Transfusions



I was wondering if there was anyone out there having to receive weekly blood transfusions ? I'm a daughter of a man that has advanced prostate cancer and was looking to see if anyone else out there has been going through a similar situation as my dad has been receiving these transfusions for a year on a weekly basis.

Diagnosed in 2011; it was under control until Jan 2016. I began Taxotere (6) and now I'm on Cabazataxel (Jevtana).

Thanks for your help.

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Anthony,I assume he is having the blood trans because of low red blood cell count due to chemo. I feel for your Dad , having to go through that. Other than that how is he tolerating Javenta?


Thanks for the reply. Yes, his bone marrow is lacking with producing RBC due to the cancer and now the chemo. The blood transfusions began last year before the chemo began. The blood transfusions are the safest, however they have injections to stimulate RBC production but the side affects list possible tumor growth or death. 😳 So we are staying clear of that until absolutely necessary. Good luck to you on your journey. Keep fighting the good fight.

I almost forgot...He is tolerating the Jevtana much better than Taxotere/Docetaxel. He seems to function well, has hair, minimal side affects and has gone from PSA of 700 down to 313. This is with a 20% reduction from the average dosage as his platelets were low from the beginning.

That's a great response, and glad to hear how well he is tolerating it.Glad hear is on the safest method to increase platelets'. Its great he has you advocating for him, that's huge.


How long has he been on jevtana? My husband has had 1 treatment. His cancer moved to his lymph nodes

He has been on Jevtana since March. We are on treatment number 6 at a 20% reduction of the normal dose. I am sorry to hear about your husband, and hope the treatment works. The Jevtana seems to be better than Docetaxel, in my opinion.

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