Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Choice of treatment: lupron with casodex or degarelix?

Choline PET scan shows PC in one spot of the prostate bed. PSA at 2.47. I am about to begin a course of hormone therapy for 2-3 months prior to 8 weeks of radiation to the prostate bed and continued hormone therapy. The recommended agents for the hormone therapy by the three oncology radiologists and medical oncologist I have spoken with is Lupron and Casodex. I am very concerned about the chest enlargement that is a possible/probable side effect of the lupron. (The radiologist who will treat me does not want to radiate my chest to prevent enlargement because he does not want to give me extra radiation given the amount of radiation I will already receive.) My medical oncologist suggested degarelix as a substitute. Is there any downside to taking degarelex rather than the more usual lupin and cased? I was wondering what experiences men have had with degarelix, lupron and casodex? Has anyone taken all three agents?

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Usually casodex is given 2 was. before lupron to prevent testosterone flare but is not


Usually casodex is given with lupron to prevent testosterone flare but is not need with degaralex in which there is no flare and it is casodex that mostly causes breast enlargement


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