Prostate cancer history

I was given biopsy of the prostate in 2005 with positive result Gleason score of 7 with PSA of 8 .Started 3 monthly injections of zoladex then 32 treatments of radiotherapy .Then follow up assessment afterwards at 3months. With Psa down to 0.1 I then had assessment every 6 months Psa remained low for 4 years but then began to rise until it got to 7.9. The next thing I was sent for radical prostatectomy in 2014. But afterwards psa never went to zero. And now I am on biculamide to keep it down.

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  • Howdy Bob. Welcome.

    What has your PSA been doing in 2017? Have you had any recent pain symptoms? Have you had any recent scans? Anything in particular on your mind?

    And, also important, anything pretty good happening in your life, lately?


  • Hi Charls,Yes PSA is low with biculamide had bone and soft tissue scans bone scan is good,but problem with left urethra blocked and kidney swollen so had stent put in.That has worked so now waiting to have stent removed.Lots of pain when passing urine and am on antibiotics.Bob

  • Ouch! Sorry to hear about that ureter blockage, the stent, and the quick actions that are being taken to protect the kidney and your bladder. Stents and catheters can be such a pain, .... literally. Hope it all resolves soon.


    (This disease can manifest itself in so many ways. Men with low overall disease burdens and low PSAs can have painful symptoms and sudden, serious things going wrong, all depending on where a tumor or "met" is located. Men with astonishingly high numbers of bone or lymph node "mets" and/or ridiculously high PSAs can be relatively pain free for much of the time during their ADT or other treatments. (Except for the first couple of months of severe pain at first diagnosis 3 1/2 years ago with a PSA of 5,006 and a NM Bone Scan that lighted up like a Christmas Tree with bone "mets", I've been in the latter category. My Gratitude for that lack of major pain symptoms, for all that time, is profound.))

  • Bob, I see so many accounts like yours, where several years after successful treatment (PSA very low or undetectable) the cancer seems to re-emerge years later. My PSA is now undetectable after treatment. I wonder how long that will last. I am age 67 so maybe something else will get me. Good luck with your new treatments.

  • Hi Bob,

    That's crazy, ain't it? Nowadays they RP, and radiate, and your cured. Maybe. But your case seems weird. If I had the choice I would have had it out from the get go, and now 7+ years later, I still want it out. It's been nothing but a problem for me, eventually chocking off my urethra. Anyhoo, I don't think most of us will ever see a 0 PSA.


  • hi Joe,Yes you are correct had I have known then what I know now I would have gone straight to prostactomy and avoided radiotherapy,because it made the operation more difficult when it was done. Bob.

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