Effective supplements?

Hallo to everybody. I’ve just started my second line chemo (cabazitaxel) because of PSA rising and progression of bone metastasis. I’ve been diagnosed in march 2016, because of severe pelvis pain, gleason 9. I started immediately with triptorelin and first line chemo (docetaxel), the last on august 2016. After cabazitaxel remain xtandi and/or zytiga. I’ve een told that immunotherapy isn’t an option for prostate cancer, yet. I’m always looking for something to add to standard therapies. I’ve been to a phytotherapist, to a Integrated medicine physician and I’ve read a lot on internet, even on this forum, but still I have no idea of what’s really effective, if anything is, and what not interacts with chemo. Green tea, curcumin, cruciferous, resveratrol, C vitamin, mushrooms, pomegranate, melatonin, artemisin, metformin … fasting during chemio. Compounds like zyflamend, wobenzym or Pomi T (I’m taking the last one). What are your views on this, during or not chemotherapy.

Thanks, Enzo

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  • Enzo,

    the best answer is to ask your oncologist before taking any supplements while on chemo


  • For my oncologists, the supplements simply don't exist. There is no enough evidence, large trials. So I can't ask them for any interference. I've tried.

  • Enzo , what did you hear about fasting before chemo? I wish you good luck with Cabitaxel. Glad you still have xtandi and zytiga in back pockets .


  • Hallo Dan, about fasting ... I've spoken with a dietitian, I've read books and I've also found small trials. They suggest to fast 2, 3 days before and after the day of chemio with the purpose of starving the cells. Cancer cells seems to be weaker and to become more vulnerable to chemio. Others say that fasting helps to withstand the chemo better. I ' don't know what is true. but nobody says that it hurts, if you can stand it. I hope I can explain, because it is difficult for me to speak of these things in English.


  • Thanks Enzo, I had never heard of this, it is very interesting, I will try to eat less leading up to chemo, for me , I am very hungry at that time, I will also speak to my MO and ask if she has ever heard of it. Thanks for your input Enzo! What country are you in? You wrote very well.

  • I'm from Italy (north); let us know about your MO's opinion

  • Hello, I had 15 taxotere chemos in 2015 and fasted 2 days before each and was pretty much spared most of the symptoms. I still fast daily from 9pm at night to 1pm the next day


    My story:


    Best to you - brother! Randy

  • Hello Enzo.

    Some points.

    1. PEITC. Please read Patrick O'Shea's article on PEITC about 2 months ago. Ref 9a describes a Docetaxel/PEITC combination as more effective than either alone.

    2. Dose. I use 100 gms of watercess daily. Put it through a blender. I add a teaspoon of horseradish sauce and leave for 12 hours before drinking.

    3. I use PEITC to reduce the dose of taxane to avoid taxane side effects.

    4. I don't have personal data to confirm if it works. Worth considering.

    ~ Frank

  • It seems to be interesting. I'll have a look, thanks

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