Blood in Urine

I think I will suggest to my Onc Doc that I take a week or two off of chmo i am on my 12th round of taxoteere chemo, i now have a UTI , blood in urine for 13 days, and it is very painfull ,my stomach feels like a thousand needles being jabbed and then twisting the needles . very extreme pain and taked weeks to heal, with the right meds and right meals

i am having a tough time beating this, i m still trying13 days and i have blood in my urine

well Monday i will pay a personal visit to my doctors and see what i can learn, i think I'm making a little progress , it took me a week to learn how to correctly take the meds and eat food, drink lots of water, this s a tough on to beat l i have CIPRO as n antibiotic.'i should see the blood disappear from the urine in the toilet, i a,m still waiting.

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  • I am sorry to hear of this problem Jack, I think you are making the right move consulting with Doctors, I am impressed with your getting through 12 rounds of taxotere, that is not for the faint of heart. Never ever give up!!

    I hope this issue resolves itself


  • ok, good news, I just checked and I have less blood today in my urine, so the answer here is , stay the course, give it time, don't give up.

    thank you


  • Jack,

    I know how painful and debilitating a urinary tract infection can be.

    One thing that I have heard that oncologists can do is to change a chemo schedule to give more frequent but much lighter doses of chemicals. Some say that get the save anti-cancer effect but with less side effects and illness. It might be something to discuss with the oncologist along with the idea of taking a break.

    Best of luck.


  • Hi Jack.

    I think it is a great idea to go to a consultation with your doctor again. And I admire you for staying so strong through the whole process. Well done. Never give up.


  • Mrjack - sorry to hear about your UTI. I will keep you in my prayers for a full recovery.

    My husband had four docetaxel chemos and it was a mixed bag of results, some bone progression and a little help with the lymph nodes. He just finished round three of cabazitaxel and carboplatin. He developed a UTI and bladder infection - hospital for about four days (went sepsis) and now in a rehab trying to regain his strength. Still has blood in his urine, too. He is a real fighter, scheduled for chemo 4 on May 19th. The GP said he has a new "heart flutter" that he's never had before. We take each day at a time - but like everyone says "F..." the cancer and it really sucks!!! Trying to stay upbeat and positive but sometimes its just so hard to do! But he still has a smile on his face and that makes it all ok.

  • thank you



  • blood in urine seems to be gone now, iv learned that blood in the urine is common problem among men, my urologist wants to do a "cystoscopy" on me to look at my bladder and things.

    the fun never ends does it.

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